Multiwave or Sine - explanation and guidance please!

Dear PS Audio,
Could you please explain in more detail what the two power modes do, how they actually work and what chosing one or the other depend on?

Thank you :o)

FYI, it’s multi v sine. Clean is a totally separate function.

Hey pkl68…

Sine and multiwave give two different sound qualities…whereas
the clean wave function performs a degaussing of the power transformers
in the associated equipment plugged into a regenerator.

Running clean wave can give a “freshening up” effect on the quality of
sound. It works well for me in my system.

Hope this helps you get a better idea of what these functions do…

I’ll add my few cents here.

We can’t tell you what is best for your system. Some notice no difference and you can leave it wherever you want.

For myself, Sinewave was too clean and perfect and I found didn’t sound good. With every step up I took on multi wave I found the treble tamed the ultra clean glare it had and the midrange warmed up. However, I have listened really hard and with every step up the difference is less. Sine to multi 1 was needed bad. 1 to 2 was great. 2 to 3…Yup will leave it here. I am currently trying 3-4 one last time As I cannot hear any difference past 3. YMMV