Muraudio SP1

Anyone here have the Muraudio SP1 speakers? Heard them again at the Florida Audio Expo and am smitten. Just curious if anyone in the PS Audio family have them.

Muradio SP 1

I heard them at last year’s FLAX,p and AXPONA, and this year’s FLAX. They did sound good this year, but I thought they sounded best at last year’s FLAX. I liked them.

I heard them at the ny audio show and heard the larger model years ago.

At first listen I was very impressed, but the longer I listened I found it was really only the mids and highs I liked, with bass sounded colored.

If you can afford to cross them over high and add your own woofers that would probably work well.

If you want full range electrostats and have plenty of room then go for Soundlabs.