Music Direct Catalogs

“A bridge too far”, for me. It is something to behold, though.

Congrats on receiving the Wish Boo…er, um…Music Direct catalog.

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Not quite the same level of effort but still fun:

Arrived in the mail today…

It’s truly too busy and seems like a design by committee but… I think it’s gorgeous and can’t stop looking at it.

There’s enough on there for two devices, methinks. It’s got no “white space”.

Flash Gordon Sir, your instrument is ready…

More importantly, how does it sound?

You know there’s a market for that look. The Tech sector scattered across the US is/was filled with young engineers buying stuff like this with maybe a pair of KEF LS50, and possibly a sub. I bet it sounds excellent. And there’s the bling factor. Goes right along with the Cayman.

But, like you, not for me. I do however like the Jeff Rowland look.

Wait - it makes sound?!? Bonus!

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I am loathe to admit it, but that JBL Integrated has a certain aesthetic appeal to me because it has the switches on the front similar to the stereo I was never allowed to touch as a kid. I recognize that JBL’s schtick right now is nostalgia, but it’s kind of working. Same with that new NAD anniversary piece. Damned VU meters…


I like the neo-retro trend. A lot.
What would I really like to see? A return of the Marantz ‘gyroscopic’ tuning wheel receivers.
I owned a 2235. Complete with the optional wood case. How I wish I’d kept it. Who knew those receivers would be considered collectors pieces today.



If Marantz returns its labels to the Metropolitan typeface, I may be claiming bankruptcy down the road. TAKE MY MONEY.


I think there’s a function in there that emits a dog whistle. Something for everyone!

If you put your ear real close to the hexagonal part, it makes the “60 Minutes” sound.

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The new catalog is really slick. I must spend enough with them to be on the mailing list too.
I am surprised that they would spend the money honestly but a good friend (recently passed away) took his business from a mom & pop garage operation to having 200+ employees and $1m per week in sales by sending out similar catalogs from day one.
I asked him once if they were expensive to produce and he said that the return on investment made them very low cost.

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