Shoutout for a top tier source

I’ve been buying hardware and records from Elusive Disc lately and I’m impressed and appreciative of their top tier service; especially a fellow named Jason.
These are people who will go the extra mile and a half to make the customer happy and they should be well known for that quality of service.
Just a tip.


I was just looking at their website today and thinking I have not bought anything from them in a long time. In the past, their records were always well packed for shipment.

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When I was living in Fort Wayne, I often drove the distance down I-69 to Anderson pick up my goodies. A plain, dumpy looking shack on the outside crammed with records and gear inside. Basically a warehouse with a small, stuffy office for the sales staff. Always excellent service. I no longer shop the Disc since moving to Chicago because I have Music Direct in town offering pretty much everything I want and need. Except sealed out of print LP treasures the Disc always seems to have a deep stock of.

Keep in mind with Audio Advisor in MI, Music Direct in IL and Elusive Disc in IN these guys know they’re in intense competition for our business. Lucky for us.


I live in Indy, and have been an Elusive Disc customer for many years. I visited their “shop” once, too, since Anderson is only a hop, skip and jump from my home. It was several years ago, well before their recent move, when their street address was something-something “Frontage Road,” in a little rust-red metal building right next to I-69. @owlsalum is right - a small shack-looking place crammed full of goodies. I don’t know where they are now, but I think development along the I-69 corridor most likely forced the move. Doesn’t matter, though, the move hasn’t interfered with their service, which IME has always been outstanding, just like Music Direct’s.

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MOFI has great products & service as well.

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