Music Listener Supports

As I read the claims of manufacturers and reviewers of the wonders of audio equipment supports to reduce noise by draining harmful vibrations from electronic components, I can’t help but wonder what is the most optimal support for the most important component of the entire audio chain: the human brain.

Is it better to stand up or sit down? If standing, what kind of shoes should I wear, if any? If sitting, what type of chair is better? Soft cushion, hard metal, metal sandwiched with acoustical material? And what about the chair-to-floor linkage? Should the chair be floating, damped and isolated? Or should it be spiked? It probably should be well-grounded to prevent annoying hum.

If my chair is too soft will the sound be lifeless and put me to sleep? Alternatively, if I sit on cones, will my audio system sound more involving, with a greater sense of presence, causing my jaws to drop as I leap out of my chair in utter amazement and disbelief?

If you sit “on” a cone you might well find your jaw drops and your eyes bug-out but perhaps not from the realism of your stereo.

Exactly! That’s why I prefer sorbothane to cones.wink