Standalone Streamer options for DSD Sr

Two part question.

Taking the bridge out of the equation, what options are there for a standalone streamer? Does it make sense to have an expensive stand-alone streamer with the DSD Sr. or would something like the Bluesound Node 2i do the work?

I’ve heard mixed things from customers. Some say the Bluesound works great and they really enjoy it. Others say they try the Bluesound and mentioned it didn’t sound great. They then upgraded to an Aurender or Auralic, and said their digital system sounded much better. For the DSD, I probably would recommend something a little better. I wouldn’t want to short change the DSD.

I spent a year or so with various levels of home built streamers paired with the DS, BHK pre and M700, mostly with less than stellar power supplies…then I found and purchased the Pink Faun 2.16.

It’s a power supply first and a streamer shortly thereafter. If you’re looking for a no-holds barred single-box solution, have a chat with Jord.

No other connection, just a very happy customer going on one year this weekend

They look like very nice products albeit quite expensive.

I don’t have the DSD yet. My system consists of the SGCD and M700’s. At some point I am planning to upgrade the dac and the DSD is high on the list.


Whoa… I just fell off my chair :face_with_head_bandage:

Yeah, it was a splurge but it sure plays nice

I have tried several Aurenders (N100H, X100L, N10) and the Auralic Aires G2, Cary Audio DMS-50p, and Lumin U1. I am very happy with the U1 and believe it out performs all other streamers I have tried in my system. The U1 IS Roon Ready, DSD512 capable, MQA, separate Linear Power Supply. Awesome device and used bargains can be had too.

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If your trying to stay in the Node price range you would be better off buying a Bridge II. Better options are going to start higher around the $2000 range except the Innuous Zen Mini MkIII at $1250.

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Does anyone have experience with Baetis Audio servers?

Thank you all for the replies. I feel like I have to do a little more homework to understand the different features within the various streamers out there. Still trying to wrap my head around the price differences.


The Node 2 at $499 is an entry level product and I suspect for Bluesound a loss leader to get you to stay in and move up the line. At one point Auralic had a similar priced product the Aries Mini which was to my ears vastly superior but after a couple of years with people just keeping it and not moving up they realized that they had made it too good for that price point and were losing money on it so they discontinued it. Other than some Pi based products the market has settled on a higher starting price point for full service streamers. The Bridge II’s price point is based on the fact that it uses the DS for it’s casework and power and is just a plug in board.


Looking at the price points of streamers, I’'ve come to the conclusion that the best course of action for me would be to upgrade the dac. That’s where I believe I would get the most bang for the buck. In time, upgrade to a better streamer.

I do like the Auralic line of products especially the Aries G1.

G1 is a really good product. I’m playing one right now. Keep you eyes out for a used Aries Mini. They don’'t come up for sale that often and usually sell pretty quickly.

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Thanks. I shall do that.

Here’s one on Canuck Audio Mart and with the Canadian dollar only being at about .76 you would be at $450. Looks to be in mint condition and from reputable seller.

Thanks. Sent an email to the seller.

I went with an Innuos Zenith Mk3, should have it in the next week or so…

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Good luck. If you are going to use it with an external DAC the supplied wall wart will work fine but if you are going to use the internal DAC then a LPS like this one will improve the performance.

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