Music & synaesthesia

Those of you who have any form of (audio-related) synaesthesia, tell about your notable experiences with specific music.
I personally have some audio-lingual synaesthesia (in other words… hearing wrong), and especially ambient tracks with faint almost indescernible background noise give me random strings of Finnish that are often disturbing. If they get bad I can by will change them to arbitrary sentences.
When I wasn’t yet acquainted with the phenomenon, I was paranoid about RFI, thus I spent a lot on quality balanced interconnects and a quality power strip. No harm done, heh.

Dang near every time you’ve started a new thread, I have an acid flashback😝


you funny

I only have a problem when the hallucinatory drugs wear off.

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I thought this thread was a hallucination until Beef answered…I have to put on some Beach Boys tracks to get grounded again. I think he’s testing and observing us.

Mine’s only related to numbers and letters, not music.