Music to Seal the Deal or Start a Bidding War

Please help me construct a playlist to host a Real Estate open house. My wife is selling one of our properties a single family home in Plano/Frisco ISD TX. We staged a Grand Piano in the family room. I placed a Bose 901 series 6 system driven by McIntosh with a 300 watt amp. So music think lots of mid range no highs and lows to perhaps 35 Hz. It is a open floor plan so big Bose sound easily filss 2800 sq ft. We had six offers in 3 hours on market so time to amp up the competition.

Given the covid frenzy and a message to the agents that submitted bids we have raised the price that we will wait to respond after open house on Saturday. What music should I stream that will give instill greater urgency but convince buyers I am going to buy this house in a not so subliminal message?

If you have received six offers in three hours and have raised the price, then what are you worried about?

Not worried. It is called using music to reinforce emotions and maximize profit. People in a good mood spend more. Why do clothing stores, spas, bars embrace music?

Correct, incenses, fragrances and music leave positive and at times, lasting impressions.

George Winston: “December”.

All piano, and perfect for this time of year.


Sounds like a superb idea with the Grand piano as a showcase. It is set up in front of the fireplace in great room with gas logs and we staged fireplace with some decorations and stockings. I will check it out. I new I could get great inputs here.


December (George Winston album)

December is Winston’s highest-selling album, having been certified triple Platinum by the RIAA, signifying 3 mil…


I am sure it is long out of print. Windham Hill records is now defunct.

But this album and others by Mr. Winston are available on Tidal.


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PS, according to Wikipedia, the album has been reissued on Winston’s own label.

I found it on Tidal and can stream to the McIntosh Through a fireTV. I am listening to it now. Quite calming and no annoyances.

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Movie scores are written to elicit emotion. Perhaps the scores to Christmas movie favorites, such as It’s a Wonderful Life would be effective. (I have not seen the movie so I do not have personal experience.)

Another option is the annoying to me, but beloved by many, Peanuts piano sound tracks.

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Good recommendations on soundtracks. Not a vogue reader, but additional considerations on what may appeal to a mass audience based on neuroscience.


I can see using the Inc. com. But the Vogue suggests. My stomach turns thinking of listening to Survivor Eye of the Tiger even one more time given the overplay it received. Lol


Totally agree on personal preferences; however, would you be willing play some popular options that are scientifically proven for a few hours if it helped you make a larger profit. For instance, my mom will sit and listen to both Classical and 70s Folk with me because she also enjoys it; but I have 50-60 other friends that will not give it the time of day - when I play either genre during past get togethers, they walk out or to a different room.

For instance, what I would consider is to take a mix of all recommendations, and include 3-5 of both the Inc and 3-5 of the Vogue options that I think would best fit. In the end, I’m sure you know your buyer audience much better than I, and can augment your playlist accordingly.

Truly dreadful; but ubiquitous back in the day…



Well the school system is. One of top in nation. So 95 percent of lookers are East Asian from India. Makes it difficult to judge what is acceptable truly an audience or music genre I don’t know well

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