General CD sale question/advice needed

If a fella had a zillion cd’s, mostly jazz, some rock, some classical and they were all in zippered cd cases and they were in fine shape, what could said fella realistically expect to sell them for?
(All jewel cases were properly disposed of, so none available)

I had about three hundred and sold them to the local used music store for about $1.50 each


If a feller was interested in buying used CDs and SACDs from another feller, I would expect a fair price would be around 2 or 3 dollars on an individual basis, depending on the title, and about 1 dollar per disc for purchasing in quantities north of 20 discs or so.

[Hint :slight_smile: ]

My $0.02

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I pretty much agree with Scott. . . though there are cds that are worth MORE.

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With no jewel cases or liner notes I would expect the value would decrease. What are they worth to you? Then maybe list in your local area, if applicable.


Hopefully you kept the booklets and back insert when you put them in bags. I use DiscSox CD Pro sleeves. If you want to take the time, you could check on to see what individual CDs would be worth. They track the High, Low and Median price that a given disc has sold for on their site. You should be able to get more than a buck or two each if you sold them on discogs than you would selling them as used to a retail store.

I might be interested in some of them if you still have the booklets and back inserts. Do you happen to have a list of the CDs you have? You can PM me with the list.

SACD would be worth way more than two or three bucks…

I would say 10 to 15 each.

Yeah check discos. If you have any that are very sought after versions they can be worth $$$. Us audiophile folks are very picky about the masterings :slight_smile:

Depending how much effort you wish to put into selling them Discogs could be a fine choice. Patience will be rewarded.
If you wish to sell them as a one time sale figure on $1 a disc.

Let’s guess how many people have PM’d Ron by now.

I am going with six.


Maybe an auction is in order :rofl::rofl:


five so far


How many of the five are offering the suggested prices? Lol

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We are a predictable lot.

I think an auction is a good idea. All it really takes is a start/stop date/time and a simple PM to Ron.

Ron, have you called any local record stores to see what they think?

Also, if you are feeling generous, there’s usually plenty of non-profit and schools that collect donations for silent auctions. My wife frequently donates a piece of art.

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If a list were available I might purchase some.


A couple of years ago I sold 3K CDs to a large record store in Berkeley, CA for $3K and was happy. Mostly Jazz and rock, some rare out of print. If the Jewell cases were cracked or missing they would not take them. I could not find anyplace that would take them as donations and it was difficult to get the record stores interested.


At some point in the near future I need to do the same. But I continue to procrastinate!

As someone who sold their CD collection about 10 years ago my advice is DONT DO IT! I almost immediately regretted it and no longer have dozens of CD that don’t appear anywhere on streaming.

At the time I thought that anything I would want to listen to I had ripped, and while that’s true it was all in iTunes so it’s mp3/ACC 124 or 256 at best.

I have since been slowly buying a few CDs here and there or checking them out of the library. My modest CD player into my GCD sounds almost as good and at times even better then HiRes Qobuz/Roon.

While it might be a PITA to post all entire collections I’m sure some of us here would be more than happy to provide loving homes to some CDs.


That’s probably good advice. But I sold my CD players and don’t miss CDs at all.
I find CDs a nuisance and the “jewel cases” something to hide.
The majority of my listening is vinyl. The reissues are of such good quality that I just keep buying them and I’m hardly ever disappointed. And when I don’t want to mess with the turntable, I stream.
But moods change and maybe a transport might find it’s way back in some day.

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