PS Audio latest sale and trade in

@Paul , It looks like for the first time I remember that the trade in is active during a sale for items. Does that mean I can use my credits from my MKII trade up?

Appears that the mark down/sale price for each item is equal to the max trade in amount. Doubt that any further trade in $ would be considered. But it is close to Christmas! You never know.

Thats what I thought, but the trade in button is usually gone on the sales and the email Scott sent had ask about trade in.

Call PS Audio and ask

Much more accurate than speculating here. :slight_smile:


Has the GCD been resurrected? Unless I missed something it was still out of production but you can now add it to the cart.

Looks like it’s BHK 600 time for you!

if i can apply my 3400 credit too that would be interesting. But alas we are just in the last steps of getting a new house that can fit my mother in law and has a main floor suite. of course we can move into that when we are older. this should be our forever house…not sure you are supposed to go bigger, but we did. my house is up for sale. Rates and prices are high, but we are selling high too. Nothing available in our town. Getting a much nicer private lot. We are close to a semi busy road now. Going to be nice to open windows at night and not hear cars.

So that being said, system will be shut down for a while as I need to save cash to build new room. Basement is very large and has the false floor already built. Going to be wider too…so excited about that, but sad my listening days are soon to be shut down. Bonus in March should fund new room build. All my room treatments come with me, so that cost is already done. if it was not for that, I would be thinking about this, but really loving my ARC pre and probably would buy used ARC mono blocks instead.