Musical Ear Syndrome???

For the last couple of months, I’ve noted an occasional chime-like sound in my left ear. It is very high pitched, higher than the tinnitus ringing I’ve experienced. It’s more like a quick chime or or cheep or tinkling sound like might be produced from the world’s tiniest wind chime. I’d guess that it’s much higher in pitch than anything I can “actually” hear.

I looked up some stuff online and spotted something called Musical Ear Syndrome. It sounds kind of iffy to me, but there’s no question that the sound presents itself to me with a certain regularity. It’s so light and bright and quick, that it doesn’t irritate me in itself. But not understanding is something I don’t tolerate readily.

Does anyone have better info than the sparse Wikipedia entry and the bunch of new-agey sorts of crap I’ve run into?

I do not have any information, but this is intriguing. Please post what you learn.

I am in your camp; I fully appreciate the frustration of not understanding something.