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Buy directly when you can. Many artists sell off their website or link to a site that provides retail. I just wish that more would offer at least 16/44 resolution, but it’s growing. I love finding a new band at a festival and buying their CD right on the spot, too. I just bought the first copy sold of Floodwood’s new CD. These guys are seasoned musicians from other bands (like MOE.) and have a lot of fun on stage and are very friendly. Many musicians are approachable and fun to talk to if you don’t just stand and drool =P~ . If you strike up a conversation about the business side of music or ask them how they are holding up on the road you can walk away with a great memory from the show beyond what the rest of the crowd experienced.

wglenn said: I just wish that more would offer at least 16/44 resolution

In the past six months I've contacted two (ostensibly artist-friendly) small labels about higher resolution. One said they could get me 24/96 in a week, the other said no, sorry, only MP3 resolution (I bought the CD in that case).

If you are keen and have the time, contact them beause it might help get you what you want, and it helps to send them a message about crap resolution being a crime against music.


Excellent idea. Small labels really do care what the customer wants.


And I am prepared to give them what they want - money for copyrighted material via digital download.