My '82-model musicroom

I’m ready… 4_gif happy-132_gif clapping_gif happy-090_gif

The M700 awaits another to arrive today the 21st. The Emotiva A-700 awaits another arriving the 23rd; both will drive the surrounds and ceiling speakers. The empty pair of pads awaits the pair of BHK 300s arriving tomorrow the 22nd.


The cable’s ready.


The damping blocks are ready… The four brown ones on the left are 1" thick, while the black ones are 3/4" thick. The whitish dots are Herbies’ Grungebusters… I have eight already placed on equipment.


The cables are dressed, waiting for amps… The green-striped IC is the old Neotec UP-OCC-silver-conductors stuff that I had Sonic Craft reterminate with Neotec '6613 XLRs… This is my first time ever having a balanced-output preamp and fully balanced amps, so it’s my first time with balanced cable.


I plan to start breaking-in the M700 shortly after it arrives. After the '300s arrive Thursday, I’ll install them on the outer pads, connect them to the Quads, and then connect the new M700 to a cheap speaker I have lying about and drive that, too, 24/7 until all 3 amps are as broken-in as the ‘old’ M700 (over 500 hours). I’ll also be braking in the six sets of tubes for the '300s, probably for four days for each set.