Here's the system

Analog: SOTA Sapphire turntable with Origin Live arm and Shelter cartridge feeding NuWave Phono Converter

Digital: Marantz SA8003 SACD player; DirectStream DAC, CAPS Carbon computer to record from the NPC

Network: Apple Airport Express, Synology DS213 NAS, Audioquest Vodka ethernet cables

Preamp: conrad-johnson Premier 17LS

Speakers: Von Schweikert VR IVjr’s, bi-amped

Amps: Golden Tube SE-40 driving tweeters/midrange; NAD C275BEE on bass

Power: Shunyata Hydra alpha power conditioners and dedicated power lines

Interconnects and power cables mostly from Auricle audio, a couple of Nordost Heimdall also

Vibration and isolation products from Herbie’s Audio Lab, room treatments from RealTraps

Someday I’ll get around to wallpapering the room.blush_gif


I recall Roomtunes as acoustic treatments that one put up in corners etc., although I know they did make stands and other things. Love the granite under the TT!

My stands are from SolidSteel. Shelves rest on inverted cones whose points fit into dimples on the steel crossbars. Very sturdy, and filling the vertical tubes with sand made a slight improvement. Does it sound better than other racks? I dunno. Auditioning racks is not high on my list of priorities, not to mention being a pain.

One major surprise of my audiophile life occurred when I put Herbie’s Thin Dots on top of the cones (so the MDF shelves were no longer directly touching the cones). I wasn’t expecting to hear any difference; but I sure did!

Nice magister. Always did love the SOTA tables.