My BHK 300s arrived today


My BHK’s arrived this week. Life got in the way of of setting them up until today. And yes the boxes were asymmetrical. Must be a PS Audio thing. I have a really small room so I’ve kept my KEF Reference 201/2 while I scout out some Focal Sopra’s. the amps are humming until broken in.

I hope that’s ‘running’ and not humming until broken in. :relaxed:

Poor choice of words. Especially if you have a humming problem. The 300’s are playing nicely right out of the box. I’ll wait for a week or so before I pass some opinions on SQ. But as of now, clean beautiful sound.

I indeed had a damned annoying hum/buzz problem, about 99% of which disappeared when I removed the cablebox’s HDMI cable from the pre/pro. My system is, again, very quiet. It’s too complicated to be extremely quiet.

Now that’s exciting. Keep us in the loop!

Since I have owned a BHK 250 for about a year, and I just ordered a pair of BHK 300’s. I was wondering what type of sound difference should I hear. I use a BHK pre, DSMP, DS Dac, P10. MG Audio XLR inner, Audioquest speaker cables. PSA AC-5 power cords.
PSB Imagine T3 towers, and JL Audio F113v2 subs.

Progress report after almost 250 hours–the sonic qualities of the amps continue to improve slowly…I think; every time I sit and analyze the music I’m listening to, I LOVE the sounds. I’m listening to the sixth(1) set of tubes…

My intention is, for this first time around, to run them for c. 48 hours each, but one set got 96 hours, and the next 24. Good thing I have lots of time to do this!

(1) including the originals. Those tubes are, from the left, original Genelexes, British Amperexes, British Mullards, Tungsram 7DJ8/PCC88s, and Voskhod 6H23Ps. The next I can’t remember right now, and the last are British (Mitcham) E188CC/7308s.

Which tubes are you preferring so far?

The two 6922/6DJ8/ECC88 input tubes in each BHK 300 amp.

Edit–sorry, wake, I misread your question. I don’t yet have a preference; that evaluation will happen after the amps and Quads have at least 500 hours on them, and I’m only about half-way thru that. I will have also had time to run each pair of tubes thru two periods of break-in.

Most probably, I’ll ask one or two of my golden-eared buddies to come listen to the tubes and note differences while I switch tubes. Because the tubes are in the rear of the amps, switching can be done semiblind, wherein the listener doesn’t know which tube to which he’s listening. Also, I don’t switch tube identities when I’m doing this. Said another way, tube-brand A or B or C…is always the same number all the way thru the testing, as my goal is to characterize the tubes and NOT to confuse the listeners.

Which brand are those? Thanks!

I used the Tungsram 7DJ8/PCC88s in my BHK 250 with wonderful improvement. I pick up my BHK monos on Tuesday. :grin:

Oh no!!! Didn’t anyone tell you to NEVER lay your tubes on beige carpet!!!


It’s only been since Friday that I’ve had my BHK 300’s breathing gently. Well tweakitis has infected me and I’ve installed the Tungsram 7DJ8’s and Hifi Tuning, 2 Amp Supreme fuses. I’m waiting for the 10 Amp ones to come in from my local vendor. Yup, there was an immediate sonic benefit to the changes. I can’t stop smiling. I only wish that I had more time to enjoy the music.

Paul, and to everyone who chimed in. You were not sh*iting. Out of the box, still rather cool from the ride home, the mono’s are better than the 250!

Wow, wow, wow, can’t wait for a few hundred hours then tubes. Paul, hats off sir!!

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Very Cool!

Paul, are recently ordered BHK 300 shipping? My order was placed on 2/26.

We’ve been shipping 300s on a regular basis. Because each is hand built we’re maxed out at about 25 a week but they are going out at a steady clip.