My BHK 300s arrived today

They are worth the wait!!

After about 10 hrs of playback the Mono’s are so amazing. The base is way more refined, solid, control is outstanding. The air is huge, and the ease of the music seems so effortless. I am so so happy I upgraded to the mono’s! Worth it in every way.

I’ll report back in a few weeks as they get really burned in. But so far I am so so happy!!


Absolutely! Isn’t it great when something works as well or even better than expected? Congratulations. The BHK 300 is my favoprite amp.

Enjoy reading these reports and anxiously awaiting the arrival of my BHK.:grin:

Prozach, did you have the BHK 250 first?

I did not, actually coming from McIntosh gear. I had initially thought to go with the BHK 250, but after doing a bunch of reading and encouragement from others I went for the 300s.

The BHK 250 is a great amp. The best 2 channel I have ever heard. But the 300’s are just killer!

I just ordered some VooDoo power cables today for my BHK 300’s, DS Dac and BHK preamp.

I’ve ordered my pair of BHK 300s and Pre one week ago. The dealer said it would take 2 weeks and he ordered them directly at PSA (no stock in Switzerland). I can’t wait!!!

I’m seriously wondering if 2 weeks is a feasible timeline…

The dealer borrowed me a Cambridge Audio Integrated Amp (60W) as I don’t have any amp until the BHKs arrive. The amp gets its signal from a PSA DSD and drives Quad ESL 2915s. And it sounds… mid-fi. The potentiometer kills much of the sound, the amp only sounds ok at high volume levels, but still it’s grainy, weak, rounded transients, little low bass, muddy soundstage, detail is there but veiled. I didn’t use such a mid-fi product in 15 years and am so used to high-end products that I forgot about the magnitude of difference in sound quality.

Let’s see what the BHKs bring to the table. For now the Quads cannot produce any relevant sound impact and sound bloodless and hollow. I hope the amps can fix that, otherwise I’ll have to change the loudspeakers - again.

Cambridge Audio Integrated Amp is not even on the same planet as a BHK amp! No way, no how. Not even a debatable subject. Not just my option, flat out fact. LOL

You will hear a positive improvement, a large one. The big Quads will be very happy. A couple of use the same setup and I’ve not heard complaints. Are the 300s the best amps out there , not at all but they are very good.
Speakers are a very personal choice, ESLs and big Quads particularly so. I’ve had mine for a while and I often muse how could I run a multi-channel set using Quad ESLs - as Peter Walker said you want more, buy a 2nd pair and another DSsnr and two more S300 ‘ s - bargin maybe not but what a sound it would be.

Cambridge Audio Integrated vs. BHK Preamp & 300s - it’s like comparing opera & theatre binoculars against the James Webb space telescope… :grin:

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How can you say just like that, that the 300s are not at all the best amps out there? What then, in your opinion, are better amps?
Which loudspeaker are you using currently?

@etchcube my apology for not replying sooner but I missed your question.
I have heard better amplification, I have owned as good if not better amplifiers than the S300s. I kept the S300s as they are new models, have synergy with the rest of the PS Audio kit I own and should last a while. The hum from the amps nearly got to me but it’s down to a tolerable level now.
My current speakers and the ones I have compared amplifiers with are Quad2905.

Now I get it. I thought you were talking about the BHK 300s.

I am talking about the BHK S(ignature)300 mono-blocks.
Have a great Easter

Wondering which amps you have owned that were better

I certainly haven’t ! If one did own better amps then, why would you get rid of them?? Goes back to what Paul has mention time and time again. Often our memory is far sweeter than the in the moment. The BHK 300’s are keepers for me!

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As I said my previous amplifiers were old(ish) >15yrs. I didn’t want the continued upkeep (plus I guess I wanted a change). There wasn’t much difference in sonic performance - it was very very close. The old amp was way better in current delivery. Plus the old amp only had SE input. So there were a couple of reasons to change.
A better sounding amplifier (to me) were the Chord SPM 14000 mk11 mono-blocks, mated with the Chord Reference pre-amplifier. Of course these cost about x10 the BHK-300s & BHK pre- amp.