New BHK 300s expected Tuesday!

It’s unfortunately been too long since I have been able to spend time in the PSA forums. However, I am so excited that I had to make sure I jumped on and posted.

Just received an e-mail from FedEx that my new BHK 300’s are on their way and plan to hit the doorstep next Tuesday!!!

I type this with much excitement and anticipation…but will confess to being a tad bit nervous. These are going to be replacing a McIntosh MC402 in my system. I don’t make the change lightly, as it has given me many years enjoyment and at one point was thought to be the last amp I would ever own!

That said, I was recently able to spend some time with my friend Woot in AZ. He had picked up a BHK 250 for evaluation when it originally came out. Now in the years I’ve know Woot, the PS Direct Stream and his EDGE amp are two pieces of equipment he has greatly prized and I never thought he would think of replacing either of them. Well, the DAC still sits proudly in his system…the EDGE sits in a corner…removed…abandoned…defeated!!!

While there we listen to all kinds of music both vinyl and digital. We talked about the fact that, after a number of years, I finally had some funds for a system upgrade. We drank tequila, listened to tunes and discussed the virtues of turntables, speakers, amps, etc. It was when I finally got back home to CA, to my system, that it became clear…I have got to get some BHK amplification in the house!!! Of course I had to one up the Wootmister in the process…it had to be the mono blocks!!!

The 300s are going to be feeding Martin Logan Summits. Woot keeps telling me how they are simply going to kick the crap out of the MC402! From spending time listening to the BHK 250 in his system…I believe he is correct…and I can’t wait to get them up and running!!!

It’s good to be back…and I look forward to updating more soon!

Troy Pauline (NOT Nell)

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Hi, Troy

What would you like as your user name? I will fix it. (Some user names were munched as we transitioned to the new forum software. )

Hi Elk,

Thanks, but looks like they got that taken care for me already!

I’m BACK!!! :grin:


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Troy, if you like the BHK 250, you are definitely in for a treat with the BHK 300s. They will give you a little more of all the qualities which make the 250 so good. Enjoy them!

I love my 250s! If my life wasn’t headed to a big downsize soon, I’d find a way to buy 300s! Can’t image you wont enjoy. This generation of PS Audio equipment is outstanding. It sounds like life!

Thanks guys. Good thing it’s a long weekend, because now I have the time to move things around to not only make some space for them, but to also swap around some power cables and some outlets so they can plug directly into a dedicated circuit.

Thanks!! Couldn’t agree more. Have fun!!


Where is Nell, the original poster! WHO IS THIS IMPOSTER “Tpauline”!!! OMG!!!

Troy, what a great story! You and Woot chugging down tequila and talking audio, listening to music and having a great time. Love it and the comradre and can’t wait for your BHK 300s to show up. We expect a full set of pictures and a description. Welcome back!


FedEx just left the doorstep!!!


Where the hell is Woot when you need him!!!

First one in place!!!



BHKs installed!!! Let the burn in begin!!!


This rack of equipment is in the room directly behind the main listening room. I have a hole in the wall for “Easier” cable management. This also allows accommodation of my vinyl rig. Once I get the McIntosh removed I can further move some equipment around and may move these into the main rack in front. However they actually fit nicely where i have them right now and they probably allows for better circulation.

BHK300’s call for champagne or if your budget is blown beer. Your boxes are in better shape than mine were.

I think the close proximity of what appears to be a shelf just inches above both 300’s is going to be a real problem in terms of heat dispersion with the amps. If the room where they are is out of sight put them on the floor. My 250 easily gets to 115 degrees when in use and you are doubling that.

Ya, budget and back are currently more in a beer mode right now! :joy:

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There’s a couple of inches front the top of the amps to the tope of the rack. However you are correct and I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on the heat. But I’m thinking with the sides front and back basically wide open I don’t think there should be to big of an issue. Moving them to the floor would require a change in cabling for length. But you do bring up a good reason to not bringing them into the main cabinet in front as they would be even more enclosed.

  • 38 kg x 2 on that rack, I’m sure it’s happy about that, not!

BHK mono is 6kg lighter than a P20 and escaped the handles requirement, how were the ergonomics of installing it where it is?

Finally, congratulations on your purchase.

p.s. I didn’t put that dot point, it is typed as a + but is wrongly trying to outsmart me. Elk, how do I over-ride the forum engine smartness?