My black FR20s arrived this morning, WITHOUT

What a fantastic rig! Congratulations! :tada:

Chris, TY… Yes, I’ve had some very fine speakers in the past including a quad set of Quad 57s, and pairs of 989s and 2905s… Most recently I had one of 20 pairs ever built of the Serenity Super-7s…

I listen to mostly large-scale Romantic-period Classical–and movies–and bottom-octave energy is important to me, hence the Rythmik SWs.

Direct-radiator speakers sound MUCH different than the polyradial Walsh-type speakers including my HHR Exotic TLS-2s, and it’ll take a while to position the '20s to get their best; I’ll be starting Saturday the 4th. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m wondering about the rear tweeter of the 30’s vs the 20’s with no rear tweeter. Wondering why this design choice was made, other than PS thinking the 20’s would be in a smaller room closer to rear wall.

Happy cake day @Elk

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Happy Cake Day Elk!!!

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Thank you

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Retrieved the new amppads, 3cm granite, yesterday and today spent about 6 hours ‘refurnituring’ the backend of the system… I’ve used pads like these previously but replaced them with the lowboy; the lowboy is now gone after I realized its presence restricted my ability to place the speakers where I wanted.

First view from the listening position of the pads in place; they’re about 6" closer to the front wall than the lowboy was.

Closer view… The centerstand is an inexpensive Pangea Vulcan ampstand and rack-shelf addition purchased from Audio Advisor a couple years ago and then sold to my buddy and then borrowed today.

Then lowered the screen in place and slid the speakers as close to the screen frame as possible and without blocking any portion of the screen… The speakers are about 15" farther away from the listener and about a foot farther apart than they were yesterday.

With the screen in place or chained back, the speakers in the room sound significantly better… The soundstage is wider and deeper and still with a solid and very well defined center fill*–I’m now able to hear the entire 2nd-violin section at about 11-o’clock of the stage.

I’ve yet to measure the speakers’ distances nor reset speaker distances in the processor; those and tweaking the toein will be done tomorrow.

I LOVE THE SOUNDS OF THESE FR20 SPEAKERS! And yes, I gush too much. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • I never much liked the term ‘phantom centerchannel’… Also, recall that I use no centerchannel for music in my multichannel system; it’s really a stereo system with a tad of surround/ambience added…and I LOVE it!!!

Congrats, I love and am quite obsessed from symmetry! Enjoy your fine tuning process.

Thanks for taking us along for the ride.
The screen’s effect is intriguing and a bit of a head scratcher.

I’m curious about the feet.


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blocking heat dissipation with boxes on the amps?

Congrats Jeff and great set up! How did you get those in gray? I thought only available in black or white. I would love a pair in silver to match the PSA components.

The blocks on the amps cover NO vent holes, and the A-Ds run VERY cool.

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The gray is what I thought was black… AKA ‘Sable Black’ is actually dark grey.


Steven, those are the carpet sliders included with the speakers; I completely removed the feet before installing the sliders, since the threads, M8x1.25, in the bottoms of the large spike assemblies are the same as those in the speaker’s bottom plates, and the footer assemblies unscrew quite easily.

Probably I’ll be using some sort of isolation pads…ISOAcoustics Gaia footers?

…instead of spikes… I’m an equipment isolatist and not a couplist.


That could be true, but it conflicts with the high praise the FR30 received, which measures relatively flat.

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Has anyone listened to both, and could comment on what the rear tweeters in the FR30 bring to the table, that FR20 doesn’t?

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I am interested in any quality-time comparison of the FR speakers and the Magnapan 30.7.

Love the sound of Magnapan speakers. Never heard the 30.7, but based on listening to the 20.7’s, I’m guessing they’re pretty amazing.

Also haven’t heard any of PS Audio’s speakers yet. Might have to make a trip up to Boulder and have a listen one of these days.

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