FR 10s in the Building!

Look what FedEx just delivered! Won’t get set up until tomorrow, but Santa certainly has been good to me this year.

Thanks to James for getting me set up with these.



Nice! Thanks for being an early adopter and sharing your experience.

Are you replacing the Totem Tribe towers (in the picture) with these?

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Hey Chris,

Yes, I am. I also replaced my SGCD with the Stellar Gold Pre and a DSD MK2 and added an Airlens as well. I’m excited to hear how it all comes together!



Hi Chris,

A question for you. I have Isoacoustic Gaia II sets to install on the FR 10s, but the bolts are shorter than those for the rubber feet provided with the speakers. Screwing them on meets Isoacoustic’s recommendation of at least 4 full turns into the speakers, but given the thickness of the baseplate there is about 1/4 inch of bolt to screw into the locking knob on the base.

Do you see an issue?


Santa was good to you this year! Please let us know what you think when you get things set up.

No. The little knob on top is just a lock nut so that the feet don’t spin or loosen . 1/4" of threads should be enough to be able to torque it down tight without issue.

Thanks for the quick response, Chris! Will keep you posted.


You might be the first to be able to comment on their sound.
Please let us know.

Keep us in the loop! That looks exciting and I am dying to hear what you think!


Mine also arrived yesterday!!! Should I put my photos and thoughts here or open a new thread? What does the forum prefer?


Looks like they survived the FedEx gorillas. First hurdle overcome.

I suggest posting then here so we do not get dozens of speaker threads.

Let us know what you think of the sound.

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Here are a few pics of them in my room. I am pretty busy at work today but will try to post early listening notes soon.


the ‘old’ one on the left, feeling rejected, needs a blanket


lol I know right? That’s to keep the sun off during the day. It was starting to fade the wood a little bit :frowning:

Very nice!


Nice clean listening space! congrats on the new speakers! why I can’t keep my space organized like that…

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Pics of mine roughly set up. Room is not the best for audio given closeness of left speaker to corner and smallish size. Speakers are out from front wall about 22 inches and from left side wall about 19 inches - can’t manage more. Tweeter separation 75 inches. Distance to listening position 94 inches. Toed in about 5 degrees.

Out of the box, clean, fresh, light and airy highs and mids, more so than my Totem Tribe Towers. Very well focused.

Breaking them in now. At this point, my biggest concern is that these may be too much speaker for my room, which is about 15x15, but with a smaller usable listening area of about 10 x 10.



size looks good, keeper

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Thanks! It’s our living room which explains its good order :slight_smile: