My Happy Place

As you can see, my listening space is quite small (9X10).

Except for the TT, all equipment bought used.

Pro Ject Classic TT with Ortofon Quintet Black S
Lehmann Decade phono stage (Considering swapping for the new PSA Stellar Phono stage)
Decware CSP2+
Decware Toriii III
Decware SE84TS (not connected)
PS Audio Perfectwave Dac Mrk I with Bridge II
Oppo 95 ModWright with power supply
Equi+Tech Balance Power unit
Dunlavy SC-1 speakers
Martin Logan Grotto I
DH Lab T-14 speaker cable
Morrow Audio ph6 phono cable

Suggested tweaks most welcomed!


Lots of memories to look at… :relieved:

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My first suggestion for “tweaking” is to check how firmly the speakers are seated on the floor, and check if the speakers are vibrating or resonating when playing music at the loudest typical level. If you discover an issue, solving it will improve the sound noticeably. I use Audio Track speaker spikes (spike into a “coin” like base - not cheap - but they were worth it. They also allow me to precisely align the speakers (vertically).

I much prefer decoupling the speakers from the floor. Much more accurate without the vibrations going back and forth from the cabinet to the floor.

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Thank you for the suggestion,!