Vivid all around with all PS audio electronics

I have circulated through a lot of speakers (never had 5 matching same brand before), and have finally arrived. This all Vivid setup is to die for. Nothing else I owned before can touch it. All other components are PS audio, except server (Pink Faun) and cabling (Transparent SIgnal cables, Shunyata Power). Electronics: 3x Directstream for MCH, BHK Preamp, P20 sitting behind the rack and the BHK 300 monoblocks. I also use 2xJL112 subs.

Thanks Paul and crew for making these speakers sing so beautifully!


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Very nice! Which Vivids are standing upright on the floor?

Giya G3

Amazing system.

Why do you sit the speakers on those block things? I’ve never seen that before.

They need a few inch elevation, so i put maple platforms underneath.

I think that raising them above the carpet is a good idea. It’s hard to get the spikes levelled sometimes. The depth of the pile can dictate a very long spike. I put my BHK 300’s on Synthetic quartz bases. They are non resonant, thermally efficient and look good.

I would have thought you’d get better coupling of the speaker enclosure with the floor if it was sitting on spikes in the normal way, and not sitting on that maple platform. I’d be very surprised if the speakers sounded better on the platform than directly coupled to the floor via spikes.

Nice! Thanks for letting us know and sharing with us. Looks great!

Not necessarily. With my previous speakers, I went from spiked to using Stillpoint Ultra V absorbers on the carpet and it sounded better. I could have used to Stillpoints on the Vivids but I was being “cheap” and sold the Stillpoints (they are very expensive) and bought much cheaper absorbers and put those on the platform. In my experience, absorbing vibration works better than coupling to a concrete floor.