My Kit Has Shipped

Just got the FedEx notice. Estimated delivery is Saturday. Hope I don’t blow the installation. Or miss the delivery person.confused

Any idea where in the queue your order was? I was about half way through the first run. Just trying to guess when mine might arrive; probably pointless, but it passes the time.

I believe I was one of the first few. I placed the order before they officially announced preorders were being taken (after a couple other members posted that they had called Mayoura and placed their orders).

Thanks Steve.

No problem Jerry. Hope yours comes soon too. This is one of the most anticipated upgrades I can recall.

Hmm. I’m #5 according to Mayoura. Hopefully get an email in a day or so.

Received my notification my kit delivers on Saturday. Can’t wait I’ll be sitting on the step of my camper trailer waiting for the Fedx guy. I hope he can get across the creek, the water is up from all the rain. My unit will sit right on top of the window air conditioner!!!

When are the Aussie kits shipping out?? Myself and @assisi are getting anxious…

Awesome news! Mine is in the forites numerically, and I will send one of my PWDs in for the upgrade. Glad that shipping has started!

Woo-hoo! Got my FedEx notice. Arrives Saturday.


Unfortunately my estimated delivery date has moved from Saturday to Tuesday. Bummer. 20_gif

Yes, same here mine is now scheduled for a Tuesday delivery… damn

Mine was around the half way point. Was it 50 kits in the first round?

No shipping notice yet.

Checking my email every ten minutes now!!! Damn!20_gif

No word yet to me .

I am happy for you Steve .


My kit is On the way too!! I was told that I was the first to order a kit. It does not really matter now that it is coming. Guess we will have a lot of first impression post next week. Should be fun!

No word here and I Am happy for you Steve . I hope I am in the first 50 . I see the forums are much better now. But my avatar is gone and my name is PDF something as I am sure I deserve the PDF but I do not know what it stands for besides the F part lol


No word yet on mine either…but as long as I get mine before Woot I’ll be happy! 4_gif


My kit is also supposed to be shipped shortly, I’m wondering if there are installation instructions available yet to study?? I’d REALLY like to read up before getting the kit!

+1 An advance peek at the instructions would be very helpful.

Thanks Al. Hope you and the others don’t have long to wait.