DS DAC upgrade kit

When I upgraded my PWD from 1 to2 I did it myself. I hope I will be able to do the DS upgrade without any complications. If it’s at all possible to stuff it up, I will. I need step by step instructions. The PWD upgrade had good instructions, all the tools you need & a video. Will the DS kit have all these things?


Ditto the yup. As one of the reviewers/ kibitzers of the MkII Paul has assured me he’s going to get me a set of instructions 2 weeks or so before they’re ready to ship kits so we can review instructions for completeness and clarity.

If you had any issues or concerns with the MkII instructions let us know so we can make things more clear for DS.


So when you tell us you’ve gotten draft instructions we’ll know the kits are a couple weeks away… :smiley:

So when you tell us you've gotten draft instructions we'll know the kits are a couple weeks away... :D

Lets hope so...!

Probably about as reliable as a groundhog predicting when winter will end.

So when you tell us you've gotten draft instructions we'll know the kits are a couple weeks away... :D

Unfortunately the two weeks was the schedule I suggested, whether or not Paul actually does that is up to him . . .

I know I can get the instructions critiqued and back to Paul in just a few days after he sends them to me, but the PSA staff will need time to incorporate the edits.

But I think a few kits will be heading out in April, so fingers crossed!


I really hope PSA makes a video.

As long as the video does not hold up shipment it can be a 5 part mini series LOL.


As long as all the parts suppliers keep to plan we should be fine and " à l’heure ", as we say up here.

I can’t believe it is snowing this morning.

Forecast was for 55-60. Darn, now I have to move my speakers back inside the house.

I love your humer. Especial when aimed at me in a criptic way …


I don’t know… I don’t find shipping on schedule all that alluring, :)) I want it NOW! In an hour would be acceptable too. :slight_smile:



Gordon said: I can't believe it is snowing this morning

It never snows where I live...!

Come on down... (& bring a new black 230 volt DS, or, at least, an upgrade kit)!!

A video of the upgrade install would be nice.



The Aussi kits all have to be manufactured and installed upside down.

I do have a left handed screw driver I could bring though.

Your winter is coming up pretty soon so you can soon be snuggled in front of your rig with a fosters and a Vegemite burger listening to your new DS. Pure Heaven!

Just hurry up and find that plane please!