My last pair of speakers? Probably!

I just loved seeing the roomful of guitars!!


Hi paul

Any plan to design an IRS v successor, a 4 tower 6 or 7 foot tall monster ?

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Yes I noticed all the guitars also.
I have about seven Les Paul’s bunch ES and some stats. it drives me crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::face_with_spiral_eyes:


I see you have those Silversmith Fidelium cables - would love to hear your impressions on them and particularly in comparison to other cables you’ve had and why you ended up choosing those.
It’s a very intriguing design because essentially it throws geometry to the bin and focuses on metallurgy. (Well harshly put - I mean it’s a very simple geometry)
The reviews of these cables have been superlative but I’m not sure if I trust the reviews! I’ve been listening to Galen Gareis so much that now I find it hard to believe that a simple flat geometry could yield amazing results with just metallurgy - now, I’m not thinking the approach is wrong either as I haven’t heard them, this just makes them very interesting!
Please elaborate on these cables, especially now that you have such revealing speakers.

I have had a few different speaker cables over the years. Purist Audio, Synergistic Research, Kimber Kable. I did not own the top of the line of the Purist or Synergistic but the middle of the range from them.
The Silversmith cables bested all of these.
I noticed more bass extension with my Rockports and even more so with the FR 30’s. I noticed more fequency definition in both ends of the spectrum.
Also I noticed that the soundstage was better side to side, but also layering from front to back of the soundstage was made more apparent. Speakers?Cables? Not sure, but together they work well together!


@folgerman nice set up! Any chance you could also share pics of your guitar collection? Seeing glimpse of them in the corner and more on the side in that video!

There are a couple that are pretty decent but most are just like wall hangers. I used to have these hanging where there the drapes are now.


These crates will be opened and assembled to form a pair of MBL Extremes tomorrow afternoon. I get to watch the process and then I have to listen to them.

Danger Danger Danger!!!


Even MBL crates are nice.


Those crates will make a fabulous high-rise rabbit hutch.


Omg. I want pics when everything is set up. And if you could somehow get the smell of new electronics to post??? :grinning:


I always wanted to learn to play the guitar, but just to play Classical Gas. I’ve also always wanted to learn the piano, but just to play Linus and Lucy.

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I hope that’s a concrete foundation under that carpet…

I got questioned when I built my Raspberry Pi i2s streamer - “don’t you already have a computer for the stereo system?”

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Almost furniture grade crates…

But then again what’s a few $$$$ in exchange for…

Wish I could do that :innocent:

Best wishes

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Paul and Chris offered to come over and set up my Stellar Strata but I took care of it myself.


Now that would have been a quick visit.


I wanted to thank you and Chris for offering to come over and set up my Stellar Strata but I was able to do it myself.


All those boxes make one pair of speakers? This I need to see!

Al sent me this earlier today:

I think he may be moving into this room.


We might have to send provisions.