My new Devialet

As a couple of you know I recently decided to make a wholesale change to my system. I’v been intrigued by the Devialet products and decided I needed a change so I sold off my Ayon Spirit MKIII and my Directstream to fund a Dev 200… I got it about a week ago but just got it up and running yesterday. I had to re-terminate my Audioquest Oak speaker cables to bananas on the amp end ( the Dev will take spades but not comfortably) so I was waiting on a set of AQ series 1000 bananas to arrive. Anyway I got it all running yesterday and HOLY SHIT… this thing really is as good as everyone says. I’m not going to get into a review of the SQ there’s plenty of professional reviews out there, but, and this is a first for me even just out of the box it sounds great… Today with a dozen hours on it it’s really getting good… if it never got any better I’d be a happy camper, but I’m told they do take some run in, so I have improvements to look forward to.

There are some really cool things about the Dev. First is the AIR software. it is a VIRTUAL SOUND CARD… yes like the MIA WaveStream… AIR will play whatever is on your computer, bit perfect. I started out using iTunes, but I’m not a big fan and iTunes won’t do Pandora or Radio etc. So today I installed Logitech Media Server and Squeezeplayer… and Tada… Bit perfect, all resolutions and Pandora and Sirius and local radio everything!! I’m using iPeng for a controller and it works PERFECTLY!!.. I have it running hard wired to my network but it could also be Wifi…

Also the remote is really really cool, nice big volume control, balance, tone controls… Very cool… The whole form factor of the Dev is so different from anything I’ve ever owned. it’s actually quite a small a unit… jewel like… but so non high end, so not big and macho…

Well that’s it if anyone has any questions feel free to ask… As for me it’s really nice to be off the merry go round!


Congrats Erik. I’ll probably be stopping by the Devialet room again at RMAF this year. Was mighty impressed with what I heard last year, and from what you say the convenience factors seem awesome.

Is that a Salamander rack, by any chance?

Thanks Tony… It’s a Quadrasphire Rack…

Oooh. Pretty. Without getting too far OT how does it make your Dev sound?4_gif

Wow, so that’s a 200watt, ultra-high end integrated receiver, with DAC and everything? That’s pretty amazing.

They sure speak highly of themselves - so you’re saying all their chest puffing is warranted?

Yes. It really is that good.

Darko, a PS Audio fan, video’d a Devialet factory tour, here:

The capital investment for a plant like this to make a specialist audio product must be staggering.

The thing contains one main board, a streaming board, amplifier board and phono board.

I was invited to a dCS factory tour and passed. Probably similar to this, would have been interesting.