My recent upgrades

So recently I’ve been tweaking and making some system upgrades, and they’ve all worked pretty darn great. I started out with doing some room tuning… I picked up a bunch of the Michael Green room tuning products… I did Corner tunes in all four corners and then added in tuning strips in the front corners and on the side walls at the point of first reflection… That helped out with both image focus and a bit of room brightness that I’d been dealing with for a while. I got a great deal on all of them finding them used but perfect for $100.00 !!!

Next I got one of the Audio Revive Lan Isolators

This thing definitely works… It removed some digital=ness hard to explain but music is more round, more, I hate to say analog… it’s just that more relaxed sounding…

Then I upgraded my power line conditioner… I was able to score a killer deal on a new Shunyata Talos…!talos_frong_angle this replaced my old Shunyata Hydra 6… WOW… big improvement blacker blacks… better bass… much more dimensional sound stage…very happy with the improvements… as a plus I was able to sell my older Hydra 6 and a Hydra 4 and they covered the cost of the Talos (yes I got a killer deal on a “demo”) And as an aside I picked up a nice used PSA Duet at great price to use in place of my Hydra 4, which I had been using in my kitchen system… kind of overkill the Hydra was…

And lastly I upgraded the input and driver tubes on my amp to some very nice NOS Mullards…

All in all my system is sounding AMAZING… last (Ha!) on the list will be the Auralic ARIES Deluxe which I’m on a list for, and of course I’m on a list for the DirectStream Upgrade …

erikm said: Next I got one of the Audio Revive Lan Isolators

"... 100% shielding by a copper-foil shield containing tourmaline ... "


Yes, Tourmaline is a rock that has mystical magical powers. I thought that everybody knew that. :slight_smile:


Actually yes, the black tourmaline (schorl) protects from negative energies. That would explain it.

Actually, (thanks Wikipedia) it has significant ferromagnetic properties thus could be useful for tuning cables and managing emi/rfi. Still marketed using its magical mystical properties which is a turn-off for me. I would much prefer them touting its ferromagnetic properties and use as an em damping material. Even though (or perhaps because) I have some interest in metaphysics I don’t bite on marketing that uses it to sell electronic equipment.



Where did you buy the AR LAN Isolator?

Looks interesting.

I also heard some good feedback on this one.

Here is a possible set up when using a

lan isolator".

@mr_bill I got it from these guys… no complaints it shipped quickly

@gordon So did I except it’s I think double the price… but It’s supposed to be a little better than the Acoustic Revive…

350euro GORDON the gb model.

Many reviews say no contest but ya gotta stop somewhere.

What I also find interesting is the recent conversations using ac wireless for same room streaming and how " the best cable is no cable".

I also opine that in most situations wireless could be a good sounding option. Still needs some attention to detail to get it there though.

Yup ac wireless…And I can see why it might sound better… That’s why I just upgraded my router to the new Netgear Nighthawk R7000 I wanted to be ready for my Auralic ARIES… since it does ac wireless… Plus my whole network now is running faster…anyway if it sounds better than wired ethernet then I won’t be deep into an ethernet filter… The Giso being $500.00

Yup ac wireless.. That's why I just upgraded my router to the new Netgear Nighthawk R7000 I wanted to be ready for my Auralic ARIES.. since it does ac wireless.. Plus my whole network now is running faster..anyway if it sounds better than wired ethernet then I won't be deep into an ethernet filter.. The Giso being $500.00

Congrats! :)