My review of the new P15 power regenerator


boy do i agree. best investment you can make


hi Bruno, did you have a P10 before or did you go from no power plant to the P15?


Hi Kent, the P15 is my first power plant, just used a Dectet before.
Going from the Dectet to the P15 has gained detail and another dimension in the music, like going from 2D to 3D.
I have had many improvements in detail in my journey of uprades but adding the P15 has made me realize how critical power is to our systems.
My timing was perfect when ordering the P15 as it was not even listed at that time and thought i was ordering a P10 so glad my order was not a month earlier as i hear the P15 is quite a bit better.


my goodness you must be in audio heaven going from a Dectet to the P15. you may not sleep for a while.:smiley:
i went from a P10 and i found that dramatic. PS is the best in the biz and I for one, would not own another brand unless it was just something they did not make like speaker cable.


Also just installed the P15. Love it, I can really hear the improvement in clarity, broader soundstage, more precise positioning of voices and instruments. Who would have thought that ‘clean electricity’ would make such a difference in sound. It elevated my whole mid-range system a few notches up and it sounds quite awesome now to me (BlueSound Vault, Benchmark DAC3, Benchmark Amp, awesome little KEF LS50’s with some help from an SVS Ultra sub). Hm now what do I upgrade next…


It is truly amazing how well these things work.



hi, curious. were you using a PP before or is this your first time.


First time. Had an older surge protector / conditioner before (MonsterPower HTS 2600) but this P15 is a big step up in sound.


goodness you must really be hearing your system for the first time. i went from a P10 to a P15 and i was stunned. Going from what you had to the P15 is a humongous jump in sound quality. I bet you will have this thing forever.


As I was listening to Schumann this morning and appreciating just how good my P15 is I got to thinking about my M700s, also marvellous. They are tiny compared with the mighty P15 but tiny in size only, not in power and performance. But how about this? Why not harness the D-class amp as a power regenerator, reducing size, weight and complexity (and probably price) but producing lots of pure AC power. Are you working on something like this Paul?


We’ve tried in the past without success. The problem with class D amps is they haven’t much energy storage and they struggle with peak current demands. Their forte is efficient delivery of music but when it comes to dumping 50 amps for a short period of time they cannot keep up. It’s partly because of their need for an output filter. Something like this could be done, but not with commercially available platforms. We’d have to start from scratch and that’s a HUGE project mostly because the EMI and certifications of low noise are onerous and take skills we don’t currently have on staff.