Myles Astor's Summary of Michael Fremer's Record Review in New York

I am posting this for those who particularly enjoy spinning vinyl, and seek out the best sounding copies available. Hopefully posting this does not violate any forum Guidelines or step on anyone’s toes, as that is not the intent. I do understand there are multiple opinions regarding Micheal Fremer. I am posting this as I find the PSA Forum to be an open minded community and willing to set aside there biases. Respectfully I ask that Forum Members respond with that in mind. Also I understand that arrangements may be in place for Micheal to swing by the PS Audio exhibit at RMAF 2019. Myles Astor’s review is pretty straight forward, summarizes Michael’s opinions regarding competing reissues, with comparison to digital high rez, and various vinyl releases. I find it interesting that several Analog Production Projects have not been released due to legal issues with the Label owning the copyrights.

Personally I am looking forward to Micheal sharing his insights at the PS Audio exhibit.

Disclaimer: I have no connection with Micheal Fremer, Analog Planet, Myles Astor,, Innovative Audio or PS Audio.

So here it is:


Micheal Fremer is a hoot. I’ve had the opportunity to be present in several presentations and that guy has a gift. His knowledge is unimpeachable and his passion is second to none. Not all will agree with him, but name me anyone that ALL does agree? Non-Existent.

I think his heart is in the right place and he is not afraid to praise or criticize. That said, If he is at an event where I am present, I will certainly ensure I don’t miss the opportunity to hear him speak.


Yes, Micheal is a Hoot; quite the personality. Also very knowledgeable. While I do enjoy quality reissues, I also look forward to the latest cutting edge music. The type that has the potential to move the genre forward. Not a criticism of what Micheal represents, or reissues in general. More a statement of the current state of the market.


Amen! I have the utmost respect and admiration for what has really defined music greatness. However, building off that great foundation should be obligatory. That means discovering and creating new! It would be a crying shame to waste the great minds that are the current reference. That of course requires respect, open-mindedness, stewardship, and a simple thirst for creating something transcendent with regard to music production - which may require some level of cooperation and collaboration from those that are in the know.

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Thanks for the hint!
MF makes a great job.

It’s just important to notice when he compares masterings and not to confuse with differences between digital/analog in general.

But as better masterings are so tightly connected with vinyl, it’s more and more difficult to separate that or to find identical masterings in order to really compare digital/vinyl… but also this is possible with some effort.

I’ve spoken with MF a number of times at various RMAFs and AXPONAs. I’ve always found him to be a rather nice guy to talk to (when he’s not in a mad rush to get to a seminar or a room for listening!). Helpful, knowledgeable. I put him on the good list. :wink::+1:

I remember Innovative back in the day in Brooklyn Heights. Good for Elliot in keeping his place a great example of what a B&M store should be. The picture was a sad reminder to me, though, about our hobby. A room full of old men. :expressionless: I remember when (uh-oh, a sure sign of an old guy talking! :upside_down_face:) there were bunches of us in college who would go to the audio stores in Cambridge and Boston on weekends to listen to all the equipment and music and talk to the sales people.

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He is, indeed. If you’re at RMAF he will be presenting in our room on Saturday.

@Paul-Thanks for that detail as my plans were to attend Friday only. I’ll have to see if an adjustment to our Saturday plans can be made.