Mystery PS Audio AC Cable


I’ve been using this PS Audio AC cable for about 15 years or more and I have no idea what it is called. I think I bought it directly from PSA. Does anyone recognize it?

I’m guessing it’s a 15 Amp 6 Foot AC-2

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Do you still like it? There isn’t a cable anywhere in my system more than 2-3 years old. Typical turnover rate for me. 15 years is an eternity. But if it still pleases, very cool.

I think it’s a “Lab Cable” . . . or “Lab Cable II”

Seeing as I use it every day you can assume I already know that. :roll_eyes:

Thanks, that actually rings a bell!

Did I misunderstand the topic? I thought it was a mystery, that was my guess

I recently swapped it for an Alpha NR on my DAC and it certainly wasn’t disgracing itself.

My only concern with it is the stiffness and girth, it’s pretty massive.

And yes, I know how that sounds. :laughing:

You solved it - I believe it’s a Lab II - thanks!

Lab II

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Are you saying that power cables (or any cable) should be replaced every so often?

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More likely the desire to try something different. I can’t stop myself from trying new things.