On the old Lab 1 cable from PSA...


Hi, all –

As with most people, my system has evolved over the years. For power cables, I now run Shunyata Anacondas (not the Zitron version) pretty much throughout the stack and have been happy. One 20 amp Anaconda feeds a Shunyata Triton Hydra – used to have a P500 and a P10 – and two 15 amp Anacondas feed the amplifier and DirectStream DAC.

This leaves one device: The Mojo Audio Joule III linear power supply that powers the Mac Mini and external HDD.

Well, from the old days, I have in my possession two PS Audio Lab 1 cables. These are the big, blue-jacketed PCs with the disconnectable ground plug. Currently, (<-- see what I did there? I think I made a power joke…) I have one of the Lab 1 cables feeding the Joule III. Why? Because it’s the right length, hangs properly, looks pretty bitchin’, and at the time I couldn’t afford another Anaconda.

I’m now wondering how the Lab 1 would compare to today’s cables? Do they still hold up well, sonically? And if so, would this cable be better placed on another piece such as the DirectStream?

I’m also wondering what today’s value might be on the second Lab 1 that I have. It’s not being used, and I don’t foresee adding new components.

Thanks! I know that I could swap cables around and listen, but I thought someone here might have some insights to share.



Hi Rob, I have two of the original Lab ll power cables with the disconnectable GND’s and like you I’m still using one of the two. The one I’m using has been modified and is directly connected to a balanced power transformer’s input EMI/RFI filter with ring lug terminals with the other end connected to the wall via an Oyaide AC connector. I have found that for heavy duty use, the Lab ll series cables are hard to beat for bass slam and soundstage solidity but there are other AC cables that are better suitable for lighter duty applications.

I myself now prefer power cables with active shielding as I have found they offer up a much more refined soundstage and high frequency purity especially in light duty applications of course this is system dependent and is also a personal preference but IMHO the Lab ll cables when used in certain applications can’t be beat.

Hope this helps.

Nola man