NAD C 658 - Preamp / Dac / Streamer with Dirac Live

This device looks pretty promising if you cant afford the Direct Stream.

I heard this at RMAF last year playing on PSB T3s and the sound was phenomenal. Though, admittedly, it was my first time listening to the highly acclaimed T3s too.

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The C658 all-in-one box, without a computer, is tempting for a guy like me (computer dunce, prefer simple systems, upgradability, access to Dirac Live). But last I read the full Dirac Live version is still unavailable. Waiting for reviews, not previews.

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For sure, Id like to see a few official audiophile reviews before pulling the trigger. On the surface it seems like the perfect component providing the sound quality is there.

It does sound interesting, but I’m a bit leery of NAD stuff anymore. I owned a 3020 integrated and a couple CD players back in the 90’s and they never quit working. They may have better QC now, but I recall they seemed to be having lots of issues with equipment failures. Kind of wonder when (or if?) they get Dirac incorporated.

Did you mean they never quit breaking? Because never quit working sounds like a good thing :wink:

Actually their old stuff was pretty indestructible and sounded great. Not sure with the newer stuff. I haven’t owned any NAD equipment since the late 90’s. My buddy had an NAD CD player that finally gave up the ghost after 20 years.

I owned an NAD 326bee for quite a few years and it performed reliably. That being said, the PS Audio GCD and S300 runs circles around it…though it of course should for the price increase. Still, a good unit for the price.