Naming Silliness

How about Snowmass 360 due to its expansion of SQ?

Or Quandary Peak, as in: we’ll be in a quandary whether release Q.0, Q.1, Q.2, or Q.whatever sounds the best. :grin:

I remember an old George Carlin piece. I am Fck of the Mountain!!! So why not Fck?

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Anything Carlin does will have you rolling on the floor in laughter.

I even think ted and Paul could roll with that!!

POLL: What Should PS Audio Name the Next Mountaintop OS?

  • Mt. Harvard
  • La Plata Peak
  • Uncompahgre Peak
  • Crestone Peak
  • Castle Peak
  • Quandary Peak
  • Mt. Princeton
  • Crestone Needle
  • El Diente Peak
  • Tabeguache Peak
  • Mt. Oxford
  • Mt. Sneffels
  • Challenger Point
  • Mt. Columbia
  • Humboldt Peak
  • Mt. Bierstadt
  • Conundrum Peak
  • Little Bear Peak
  • Pyramid Peak
  • Wetterhorn Peak

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Addendum: Polls are limited to 19 or fewer choices, so I had to make some cuts to create the above poll. I hope most people are satisfied with the options.

This is unfortunate. It would have been amusing to have all of the so far unused peaks represented.

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Run a second pool with those peaks that were cut from the first poll.

I did a little research regarding my pick, Crestone Peak.

“…Crestone Peak is clearly the reigning monarch in terms of character”. Seems apropos of Ted’s work :slight_smile: .

[Reference: RE: Crestone Peak]

In that case, maybe save that name for the Obsidian TSS DAC initial software release?

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“Wetterhorn” definitely has the greatest potential for colorful superlatives.


I was confused and uncertain about whether to vote for “Quandary” or “Conundrum.” To avoid the dilemma, I went with “Humboldt.”

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I prefer just a slightly drier sound…


After you roast some Humboldt…s’all Good, Bruh…


Why not Vail?

I almost voted for Humboldt since the FW upgrades are a gift… See what I did there?:grinning:


Vail is great but, with a peak elevation of only 11,570 feet, it is not a 14er.

Apparently, Humboldt County has changed quite a bit since California legalized weed.

Feel for them there Pioneers