Naming Silliness

Aren’t they all named in order of ascending height, being the highest mountains in Colorado? Which mountain is the next highest after Snowmass?

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With that logic, Pikes Peak is next… and looking back does not follow your logic… must be acid based, cause it is falling apart.

There you have it, take your pick! At the outset when they went to the mountain set nomenclature, I thought they said the releases were going to be named in ascending order of the Colorado mountain peaks higher than 14,000’. Obviously that was only 99% true, or my memory fails me.

I vote for Mt. Sneffels

Since I have been to the top of Pikes Peak in July, working a snowball fight - Pikes Peak…

Pikes came out before Yale if I remember correctly, then Huron…pick another name

well there you have it… thanks for the recalibration…

Logic doesn’t enter into it, JSYK. That is y’all’s prollem.

Since I lived in Oxford, CT… I vote Oxford… just can’t see Mt Sneffels… yeah, brand new release… Sneffels…

Just call it Quandary Peak in the interim, give you some additional time to think about what to call the one that will come after it.

I’m going with Capitol Peak! Obviously Mt. Democrat will just be flagged “political” so no sense even going there.

I know what they are thinking of naming it this week, but that could change, so I am unwilling to open myself to the nay-sayers and so forth.

Sneffels is so cool and unexpected, but not holding my breath on that one. Makes me sad that it may never be used.

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And you can’t go Mt. Massive, unless of course the release is in fact “massive.” That is an ace up the sleeve you best not present prematurely.

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I still think, given Ted’s recent kidney stones, that the TSS should have a separate name in his honor, “Rockies”. Hard won, and well deserved.

And subsequent versions should be based on Global Mountain Ranges rather than CO 14’ers…Alps, Andes, Hindu Kush, Himalayas, etc.

After all, it is the Next Level.

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Isn’t every release “massive”? Or has that just been exuberant marketing speak?

@badbeef - Sneffelis is not going to work out…


Oh, c’mon - who could not love that?

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Well yeah, but once you label it as that, “Massive,” where do you go next? Ha!

It’s Mr Snuffleupagus, an imaginary creature in a child’s mind. But the software which takes the name is a product of a great mind, so maybe the name suggestion has some veracity.

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@badbeef - yeah, selling that upgrade would be cool to listen to that pitch… no seriously Sneffelis… no, no really…