"ASPEN" Firmware update?

Is that a typo, or is there a new firmware update (ASPEN)? I don’t see it listed on the download page.

No there is no Pending update for the DS.


Where does Music Direct refer to Aspen as firmware?

It’s in the new Music Direct catalog (No. 16), the one with the excellent cover photo of Grace Slick and Janis Joplin, on page 88.

“…PS Audio’s groundbreaking DSD DAC now ships with ASPEN firmware…”

I noticed this too when I got my MD catalog and wondered about it.

Aspen Mountain at only 11,000 feet isn’t one of the Fourteeners in Colorado, so using the naming protocol Paul came up with it wouldn’t be the name of DS firmware.

timequest said It's in the new Music Direct catalog (No. 16) . . .
Ah . . . I immediately toss the catalog.

Yup, you guys are right and I hadn’t noticed that in their catalog. Must have been a mistake - never was, never will be, Aspen firmware.

I think maybe people in Chicago think everything in Colorado is called Aspen. 24_gif

I guess “Old Smokey” is out, too?facepalm-smiley-emoticon_gif