Native DSD Black Friday sale is live now. 25% off everything

Thought I’d post for anyone interested in some download deals!


I looked at the fine print and DSD Isn’t included

Is that a funny? The whole store is DSD. :thinking:

Thanks @paul172

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Here’s the quote from their email:

“Not Available on SACD, and Pure DSD titles”

Not of interest to me with these exclusions.

There are 80 Pure DSD titles in the entire store catalogue.
Pure DSD: “All DSD Bit Rates Created in DSD Domain from DSD Stereo and in many releases DSD Multichannel Recording as well. No DXD or PCM Processing has been used.”

I just downloaded Patricia Barber and a Chet Baker title. I got the 25%

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One of my favorite DSD recordings originates from a tape:

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I’ll check it out if that’s the case.

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Hi, I also snagged 25% off a DSD album. You should be good!

I just bought Little G Weevil and got my 25% off.

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