Need Help! GCC-100 won't turn on

Hello Everybody,
My name is Josh from Portland, Oregon. Unfortunately I had a major issue last night with the PS Audio GCC-100. As soon as I was extolling it’s virtues it stopped working. More specifically, it was in Standby mode (plugged in but switched off) and started to make some noise (I don’t remember if it was one or both speakers) so I immediately unplugged the whole system. The noise stopped, I plugged it back in an some time later and that’s when I was heartbroken. The amp will not turn back on, neither with the power button nor the remote. I can tell the amp is getting power from both the sound it makes when it is plugged in and from the little green LEDs you can see inside through the perforated lid. I tried plugging it directly into the wall, I tried a different power cord, and redoing all of the speaker cable connections. I’ve only had it these few weeks but loved it so much that it’s become the amp in my music listening system. Hence being distraught and heartbroken. The amp has worked perfectly until now and it was purchased from Echo Audio, the best stereo store here in Portland. Does this issue sound like a common amp problem or something specific to this model and is there anything I can do to try to remedy it? I read through the manual and couldn’t find anything for this situation. Thank you for your time! I’m really hoping today isn’t the day the music died.

Associated Equipment:
PS Audio PowerPlant 300, Xstream Statement power and speaker cables, AC-5 power cable, Peachtree DAC-iTx, Kimber Timbre interconnects, B&W 703s.

Welcome to the forum. Sorry about the circumstances of your first post. Again supporting the theory, we don’t hear from quite a few people until they have a problem with their PS Audio gear.

Welcome, jsPDX!

PS Audio sees the posts here and typically will respond, but you may want to give them a call Monday morning for an immediate response.

Good luck!

Sorry about that. These typically go on for seemingly ever, but, a power surge or any number of gremlins can get in the way of the music. Give us a call this morning and we’ll get you some help.

Thank you for your time sir. I’m a huge fan of all your products, the first of which was the Power Plant 300 that I still use today. I’ve loved the GCC-100 as well for the weeks that I’ve had it. I talked with Mark who was as helpful as he could be over the phone but there was little he could do. Unfortunately, since buying this amp I’ve been quite sick and lost my job so I don’t have the money for the flat fee, I could probably barely afford to ship it. Thank you though for all the joy your products have brought me, music was one of the few things that helped me through many challenges.