PS Audio HCA-2 Fault :(

Dear all,

Please help!

I have recently purchased a pair of PS Audio HCA-2 amps. They sounded beautiful but over a period of a few months both amps have failed.

The first doesn’t enter the ‘ready’ mode after being turned on.

The second plays for a while and then fails. Once failed it too won’t re enter the ‘play’ mode in a similar way to the first…

Can anyone suggest any components which may cause these problems - I’ve found it really hard to find a specialist who can repair these faults in Surrey.

Kindest regards Phil.

The best thing to do is reach out to the UK distributor and get a quote for an out-of-warranty repair (good luck with that, HCA-2 is at least 16 years old).

Yes, unfortunately the parts that make this work are no longer made. It is quite old and while we are able to maintain many decades old products as far back for the 1980s, this is one where the chip manufacturers just stopped making g parts. I am very sorry. Perhaps if it’s not a chip problem but rather a power supply issue it can be salvaged. First thing I always recommend is to find someone that can replace all the electrolytic caps with same values. Often times that’ll fix it.

Thank you I’ll try that.

Many thanks again. Phil.