PPP will not turn on

When I try to turn it on, get a click, then pause, then power fan starts, but sounds like it has bearing issues. then it shuts off. Only display is two blue dashes that go off.

Any ideas before having to send it in for repair?

I have left support emails and phone msg’s for tech support at PS Audio and no replay since posting this problem.

The PPP is not functioning and needs repair. Please contact me with how to get the unit to PS Audio for repair.

I suggest calling again. It is odd for the phone not to be answered and this will get things moving.

You can also email Paul directly at paul@psaudio.com. He will take care of you.

Indeed. Alex, our tech, was out sick but the calls should have been answered. Let me know what I can do to help.


Received an email from Alex today for the PPP repair. Sent in the info he needed.

Waiting on the shipping info to get it ready.