need help with lcd screen

I have been having a few problems with installing new parts into my PWT which is 4 years old the lcd screen first did not line up with the support bracket it was touching on the back plate and on the top , but I sorted that out with longer bolts to take it further out so its all clear from the fixing bracket . Then when I started to place the lcd screen into the main case it does not fit , the metal plate that holds the screen is to big to go into the machined window of the case by about 3mm , has any one had this problem and what did you do to over come this problem of using new stock which is similar to the older parts but just slightly different that it does not fit . Any ideas as I getting to the point that I am thinking of scrapping the transport and getting something else I have not been able to use my hifi since September . I live in Australia and parts take time to get here and phoning is hard because of the time difference so all contact has been with email and trying to explain to PSA staff with the problems I having trying to fit new parts is difficult , the transport I have was assembled slightly different 4 years ago compared to todays model . Do not read this post as a complaint because it is not I fully understand that over time designs change and manufacturing methods vary so you will get differences in sizes , so if anyone can suggest how to over come this problem I am willing to try .

Just a random thought - if you could post some pictures it might help people to help you.

Hi Ted

I have attached some pictures not the best as I had trouble with the flash of the camera on shiny metal .

On one of the pictures you can see that the screen with the posts is over lapping the side of the cut out for screen if I were to just remove that edge the screen will drop down into place ( would also have to do the same for the top ) the problem is that the screen fits behind that it is a slot which cannot be seen in the photo , its this that holds the screen in place . This is how my problem started in September I needed a new DVD rom when I opened the PWT case to take a photo of the rom I did not know that the lcd screen was held in place behind a slot/ridge/rim when I lifted out the bottom case it pulled out the copper foil connection to the lcd screen , I have bought a new screen and its not the same as the one I had it is a PWR5 display I was told it is the same just programmed to suit my PWT , I don’t know .IMG_0001.JPGIMG_0002.JPGIMG_0003.JPGIMG_0005.JPG

Hi Shihan,

It is likely that the mounting scheme for your transport LCD screen is from a previous revision. Would you be able to post a photo of your other screen, board, and mounting bracket? That would tell us for certain.


That I can not do I posted the original 2 months back to PSA factory and it has been lost in the post some where but I do have some pictures of the PWT which I took and sent to alex when I wanted a new rom and he asked for some photos to see which rom I was using and they show some of the old display screen ,which is very different from what was sent as a replacement hope this helps .damage-001.JPGdamage-005.JPGps-pwt-003.JPGps-pwt-005.JPGps-pwt-007.JPG


your display board is an older style. We still have some replacements available. I will work with Alex to get you the proper version.

Do you still have the old display board and mounting bracket?

Would you please email me directly at with your name and address?