PWT Screen Problem - Horizontal Line

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I tried to reach PS Audio over their Product Support page but didn’t get an answer for a while. I am 100% sure that something went wrong, there’s a catch, maybe I did something wrong while filling out the form etc. PS Audio was always helpful with everything I needed as a customer so I don’t know, once in a while things like this happens. No problem.

I wanted to see if any forum member can help me on an issue of mine.

Last month, I purchased a DS DSD DAC and was blown away with the sound. So I tried to buy the matching transport and learned that it is discontinued. I started reaching dealers to find one in stocks. I found a PWT in a dealer by chance. It was a DEMO unit. He gave me a good deal and I bought it. I am AMAZED by the sound of it. Not a single complaint.

But the screen have a horizontal dashed line. I’ll try to post photos if I can. I am not giving the unit back to the dealer for a refund since I tried so hard to find it and I love the sound.

Do you know how to fix this problem? Do I need a screen replacement? I looked inside the box. Changing the screen seems pretty easy if I had the screen.

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IMG_5908 IMG_5909 IMG_5907

Welcome, parkcaka!

The best way to contact PS Audio is to call. I believe at least one of their customer service people is on vacation currently which likely slows the response.

I recall seeing this problem before, but do not recall how it was resolved.

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Thanks Elk. I am sure it is something like that and eventually they will help me out. I just wanted to see if forum members know an easy solution.

I live abroad and never a fan of talking on phone if it isn’t a must. The lines are noisy and English is not my native language etc.

I understand.

I suggest emailing service ( or contacting Paul directly (

I watch Paul’s videos everyday. He is such a great person and a role model. I don’t want to take his time if there is a an easy solution for me.

Thanks again Elk!

With love and respect.

I’m sure you probably have tried this but my screen problem was cured by turning the PWT off using the back switch and turning it back on. It took a couple attempts to clear the screen. In my case, half of the screen was off color and distorted. After a couple restarts it cleared up.


Yes I tried that. Nothing changed. It looks like just a bad screen to me. I don’t know if the screen itself is an OEM part that I can find and replace or a part that is made just for PS Audio.

By the way. I LOVE the sound of it. I was sorry that I couldn’t find the matching DS Transport but this “inferior” PWT is so good, I am amazed. If the screen issue was on another device like an iPhone, TV etc I would be so pissed off but I am not with PWT because I enjoy it so much.