NEW ACTIVE SPEAKER A500 from Buchardt Audio


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Pretty amazing product for the money.

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Yes these are some wild speakers for little money
You become aware when they play music…

Do you own a pair?

I play with different models - also A500 and A700 at the moment…

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I watched Darko’s video… Interesting… A little too digital for my taste. But as soon as I have to move out of my house into some care home… A500’s for sure… :rofl: I wouldn’t be able to hear the difference anyway… I would take the white’s…

Kickn corona virus azz with the godfather in 2020… ronaldwanders you are ready for the retirement home … like the A380 hehe… :money_mouth_face: :joy: :star_struck:
Great books can be written about what you can not hear…h yea … more love … h yea

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The A700 is a floor stander, correct ??
I’d like to hear EVERYTHING about it. Especially FIRST hand info such as yourself.
Tom - NJ

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It’s the first Active Peaker I have ever seen!
Spelling error joke aside, I admire the innovation here especially at such a reasonable price point. Would love to hear someday. Like next year probably.

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It’s my English not good enough for lol

two to three months then the first tests will be announced … You can always come by Aarhus in Denmark to listen to them. They will of course be found at the various HIFI exhibitions in the world when they reopen.

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