PS audio is not copying the Buchardt Audio S400 speaker

Buchardt Audio S400 Speaker …

Hi Michael glad to see you are back.Think the PS Audio team is interested and most likely like the Buchardts, think the speakers Paul showed actually are S400’s.

Were the last couple of weekends stormy Denmark too?

Yes I realize it is S 400. If you read the you tube thread then someone is claiming he is copying them lol. Yes we have quite a storm and we are flooded.

more love Denmark

I must admit to being completely flummoxed by this thread. The speakers you see in the video are trade ins someone sent to us in exchange for products. We routinely run traded in products on the little system in sales so our people get a feel for what sounds
like what.


Lol Paul we are aware of - others have written it. watch you tube the video … where people write…more love Michael

The thread topic has nothing to do with the subject.

Paul, on the youtube comments for this video some people were taking some exception to your calling Buchardt S400 speakers “cheesy looking”, as they are a higher end speaker. I’ve never heard them personally. The title of this thread does not match the content.

Ahhh, thanks. I must have missed that. Yes, I often get in trouble expressing my opinion especially when it doesn’t match others.


Chickens clucking…

Yes, you also whirl quite a lot … but it’s always good to see what other people write about your company in the big world. That you did not even read what people write for what you look up on the tube. No wonder. It’s probably enough slack

I have seen mostly positive comments to Pauls Video Podcast.

For low efficient, low impedance speakers I would agree with Paul. For efficient and 8 Ohm speakers and up Signal to Noise ratio is the figure you look for as these speakers tend to be sensitive enough to convert electrical noise to audible noise.

These high efficient speakers simply put recordings and the distortion and noise of the complete audio chain under a magnifying glass. While with these speakers 50 W tends to represent an abundance of power.

I don’t hear Paul video etc … What I noticed was that some people wrote that he was copying those speakers. That’s what I wanted to make Paul aware of, just out of kindness. More love Michael.

Thanks, Michael. No, I am not, we are not, copying them. They are just an oddity.

Paul likes AMT tweeters too (as do I). I’m sure any speakers coming down the PSA pike will be original designs. I do hope the Stellar speakers (and Sprout speaker) keep the ribbon high end.


We will. Can’t pass that up.


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A500 ready at the hi-fi fair in Aarhus. Mads has the world premiere of the new active A 500 today.


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