New analog disc format

Bloody hell. Another copy of the White Album…


That’s friggin hilarious. :rofl:

I can’t take credit for it. It’s a Men In Black reference🙂
I’ve been waiting to use that line for decades.

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It fits perfectly. I have about every version ever made going back to 8 track and cassette tapes.
Great movie too!

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That headline is classic click-bait and is totally wrong. A little Googling turns up U.S. Patent US10629227 which tells you what the product is.

Basically it’s an LP lacquer disc that has the recording inscribed onto it, and then a specialized coating is applied to the lacquer to harden and protect it from wear–which i guess makes it reflective? The disc is playable on any turntable. So, theoretically a one-off, direct-from-the-cutting-head LP that never degrades–a vinyl NFT. I suppose that means it will sound as close to the master tape sound as possible, but mastering still matters, and Dog knows what one will cost!

The technology can also be applied to among other things a normal vinyl LP or a metal stamper, also for durability.

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This isn’t an April 1st thing?