Stereophile comments on the FR30 (not review)


Interesting writeup. Would be great to see more on the review, but Paul would have to send a pair and it will be months before see it. But where the heck did they get the prices from? WAY off, and high. 11k each for the amps? Were they the new 600’s? The pre does not cost 8000, etc… all are way off. Are prices going up and I have not seen this announcement? @Paul you should have them fix those.

Surprised to see Kimber in the comments. Would have expected AQ!

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I presume they’re Canadian dollars - approx 0.8 Canadian to 1 USD.

At the very beginning of the article it states:

(All prices are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise indicated.)

Ah missed that.

Yeah - a lot of the current stuff about the FR30 is based on the Montreal show, so CAD, not USD. I think Paul has a recent YouTube vid about his experiences there too

I wonder if the Paul and Chris show would do the delivery to Stereophile (or whichever reviewer’s home) too?

Every video or article produced by someone who’s listened to the FR30s (with their actual ears), spoke highly of Paul, Chris and PS Audio’s efforts. I’m eagerly awaiting an opportunity to hear them for myself.

The PS Audio Distributor is also the Kimber Cable Distributor. So he’s not about to put AQ wire in there.

The British magazine Hi Fi News claims to be testing the FR30 next month, publication date 6th May 2022.


They most certainly are testing it. That we can confirm. As for publication dates….not something we’re privy to.

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