New BHK 300s expected Tuesday!

Thank you.

Actually the rack they are on is right on the floor and supported with steel bracing. Getting them in place was truthfully not too big of an issue as I had access all around the amps. Took my time and eased them in. Once unpacked no more then 10-15min each.

Of course now I realize I have the channels reversed and need to get back behind and swap them. :roll_eyes:

Channels fixed!

Now it’s time to do some “non-critical” listening. :yum:

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Good question. I do not know why the forum turned your + into a dark dot. It is not what the software does when one builds a list.

Perhaps one of the denizens of both this and the Roon forum know and will chime in.

It’s too early in the morning to be flinging a new word at me, my brain hurts! Brain hurt being ameliorated somewhat by the new RUFUS Du Sol song “No Place”. Go stream it on Spotify and you’ll be immersed in the most incredible wall of sound. Just sonically stunning.

Chuggin’ tequila bastard…

So how does it sound?

I’m hoping to post a fuller review soon…work and life are leaving little time …but I will say this now…the BHKs are FAR FAR…FAR…exceeding my expectations!!!

As mentioned in my first post, I had thought my McIntosh mc402 was the last amp I would ever own! It truly is a great piece of equipment that has served me well for many years! However, it now sits, lights dim, hoping I find it a new home!

It’s hard to express how pleased I am to have taken the chance on the BHK’s as my upgrade. That said, these amps are simply phenomenal, they have elevated my entire system to a new level and are no doubt going to be providing a strong powerful foundation for my system for a long time to come.

However Paul, there is a major problem that has arisen. As a number of us must deal with, my system has to double as “My 2 channel system” when not being dominated as the “Families Entertainment system.” Questions have already been raised as to why the “Two big speakers now sound so much better than what’s coming from the Center speaker…and how am I going to fix that?” I can only think of one way!!! :wink: :yum: :rofl:

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Hah! Hmmmmm. Let me noodle on that one. Yeah, it is a problem.:wink: