Should I go BHK 300

Hey guys,

I have a doubt should I upgrade my current setup to BHK 300s. I have an opportunity (rare) in Brazil to buy a pair of 300s.

Right now, I am using P10+DSJ+Musical Fidelity AMS Primo Preamp (tube pre amp) + Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 800 + KEF Blade 2. Being the Nu-vista 800 hybrid amp, such as the BHKs, what should I expect from a upgrade to BHK 300s?

Thanks for your help.

When I contemplated whether to go BHK 250 or to go the BHK 300’s I punished myself for a week then went ahead. My logic was, that I could bypass the next and inevitable upgrade from the stereo amp to the mono’s. I run Kef 201/2 References and they have never sounded better. If you like Kef sound the BHK 300’s are perfect. Your Blades are one of my next considerations for an upgrade.

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Hopo on them as quickly as you can.

Just pulled the trigger. I will share with you my first impressions.

The seller just told me that the units come with upscale audio NOS tubes. That got me even more excited.

I just bought a PS Audio BHK 250 from Upscale Audio powering a set of Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolutions. Getting the “special NOS tubes” with the amp. The system has PS Audio Memory CD & PS Audio DAC w/ Nordost Valhalla 2 HDMI cable and Tyr 1 speaker cables and Tyr 2 XLR cables. I can’t wait to listen… coming next week.

I thought about the BHK 300 mono; however, with the Evolution speakers I believe the BHK250 amp will be fine till I move to a new house with a very serious listening room (big) and PS Audio floor standing speakers… :slight_smile:

Kevin has some nice tubes…he’s about 50 miles from me.

Yes, I’m getting (2) sets for the BHK250. I live 300mi from Kevin and work a few towns over from him…

Hey guys,

My BHKs have just arrived. I expect a great afternoon setting them up and listening to them through the Blades. Right out the box the sound is amazing. Ample soundstage and precise pinpointing of the voices. Also, my bass has finally revealed himself.

Just a question: I wanted to take advantage of the triggers. My preamp has only 1 triggers out, so I wanted to know how you guys were the thing. I was thinking of a Y splitter on the preamp. But I also noticed a double trigger input on each bhk. Can one of them be used to interconnect both amps?

I don’t know about the trigger answer. If you want my favourite tubes and I’ve tried the Gold Lions, Amperex Orange Globes, Tungsram 7DJ8, Telefunken E88CC the tubes that really worked were the Siemens E88CC’s. They just take the amps to a place that just makes me smile.

Yes, the double trigger was designed to daisy chain.

Thanks. All now is up and running smoothly. Now, the best part" enjoy the music.

Old thread, but I was wondering how you are enjoying your blade 2’s with the 300’s after almost 2 years. I am thinking about them myself.

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The combination was wonderful. Powerful and sweet and the same time. My system has evolved a lot since then, and I came to realize the kefs were the weak link. Not enough energy on the highs. The mids too strong.

If you have the opportunity, take a look at boenicke audio w8 or w11. Much better tonal balance overall.

Thanks jvvita.
I’m currently smitten with what the LS50 can do, so it peaked my interest on what the Blade’s can do.
the Boenicke is an interesting design as well.

I have two systems. One of them used the ls50. I can assure you they are incomparable to the Blades. In all aspects the blades are a whole other world. You get more of everything: bass slam, mids more detailed, and the same precise high end (albeit, to my taste, a bit mellow). If you like to tonal balance of kef, I am sure you will be in Sonic heaven. Best of luck.

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I have the LS50 and am also amazed at their far larger than size sound and detail. I also have the KEF Reference One’s. If you want to stay with a smaller/bookshelf design (my listening room is small) you may want to try them. They need to be broken in, I’d say a minimum of 50 hrs but they are intoxicating. I often daydream at work about getting back home to listen. Im driving them with the DSD directly to the BHK300’s.



I currently have a Musical Fidelity Nu-vista 800 in my system (love the sound that comes out of it). I would have never thought of using a preamp with it though (I assume you just connect to line level XLR inputs). How did you set that up (volume levels)? Might you potentially get some distortion with that combo?

One would typically not use a preamp with the Nu-vista 800.

The Nu-vista 800 is an integrated amp; it is a preamp and amp built into a single chassis. That is, it already has a preamp built in.

I would agree, unless there is a preamp bypass feature (which it does not have). If I’m not mistaken, the nuvistor stage is part of the preamp which gives the amplifier its characteristic sound (I wouldn’t want to mess with that).