Nubie DS Sr. questions

I just got my DS Sr. 6/13/18. I don’t know if this is the right place to ask or not. I have a Bridge II, and I am feeding digital to the DAC via Roon over my LAN, and via USB from my Mac Mini which hosts Roon. I can get audio through my system when I select the Bridge input. When I select USB Roon thinks it’s playing but there is no audio.

Additionally I see no cover art. I have the 4 Gb card inserted with connector side up. There is cover art embedded in the tags as well as in each respective folder.

When you select an output device in Roon are you selecting the DAC or the Mac mini? Did you set up the Mini as an output device? when you select the mini in Roon is the volume control on the mini turned up enough to hear anything?

When look at the available endpoints in Roon there are two. One for DAC using the Bridge II and another I characterized as DS Sr. USB. both are enabled but I only selected one at a time. as the endpoint. I attempted to
both, send a different music selection, and the same selection to each input. I never attempted to play each input simultaneously.

I get that. When you select the USB input on the Dac and play something out of the mini is the volume set high enough to hear an output? That would be what I would check next. I would also plug a pair of headphones into the mini to see if I can hear music playing to make sure the mini is actually playing.

Jaiello thanks I will try that when I get home. I do have the volume set as fixed in Roon. It is probably me doing something dumb like that though since it plays through the Bridge.

Do you have any suggestions on the cover art?

One thing at a time. :smile:

I could be wrong but I do think that the cover art only works in Roon on the Bridge II. I don’t use USB but I do get cover art with Roon on my Bridge II.

Assuming you selected usb in the DS feeding from mac mini :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

USB was selected& I guess we will address the art later

Well you guys got me to thinking… I rebooted the Mac mini, and wonder of wonders I can play music through the USB now. Thanks for the help provided… & I feel dumb for not starting my troubleshooting with a reboot, I should know better than that by now.

Sometimes the USB output to DAC needs to be manually (re)selected in the Mac’s Audio Midi Setup Utility/Audio Devices window. It can forget your preferences sometimes, and that may save a reboot on occasion.