PSA Site down Wednesday?

All day Wednesday 2/14 I got messages “cannot find that server” when I tried to access the PSA site. This happened with two different machines, and I was able to get to other sites on both, so I assumed there was more hacking or the site was down. I got back on this morning and noticed that some people were able to post yesterday (based on 2/14 dates on the posts). What’s going on?

An excellent question.

I have intermittent problems as you describe. This has been going on for over a month. Sometimes switching browsers helps, and I can post on one but not the other. Today the site is fine.

My guess is that the site’s host is flaky, does not respond, or sometimes is so slow the browser times out. It has been frustrating.

Edit: It just happened again on Firefox, but I am OK using Edge. I also have a slow Internet connection (1.5MBPS, all that it is available) and this may be part of the problem, but all other sites work fine for me.

Thank, Elk. I had not experienced this before except once or twice when Paul told us the site had actually been hacked. I’ll try a different browser if it happens again.

Same problem for me also for the last 30 hours or so using two separate browsers and machines…frown

Because of the hacking we experienced with the gambling site we’ve added a firewall. That required a DNS change so DNS changes take some time to populate the internet. Should be close to good now. If you continue having problems let me know through the forums or at Thanks for watching our backs. We’re trying to maintain a safe environment.


When did you change your name? I always thought it was “Paul”. . . .

Doh! Thanks.

Paul McGowan said Doh! Thanks.
Yeah, I was wondering if we'd have to start calling you 'Plow' from here on out . . . laugh

Wasn’t T’Plau a character in Star Trek?

Amazing how much I missed this place while it was down. Glad to see it back!!

For those still having issues, flush your DNS. If you don’t know how, use google. It’s fairly easy to do.

Thank you – I hadn’t heard of this before. I couldn’t get here on Weds. 2/14, things were OK on the 15th, then for the 16th and most of the 17th I had no access; came back again last night. Very frustrating.

Seegs108 said

For those still having issues, flush your DNS. If you don’t know how, use google. It’s fairly easy to do.

Excellent suggestion! Thank you for bringing this to everyone's attention.

Sorry guys. It’s been a struggle but we are back.,

Thanks for the suggestion Seegs108! I did a quick search and discovered a Wiki page on how to do it on a PC and Mac, but not iOS. In the comments on the Wiki page it mentioned mobile devices are hard to do since the developers don’t like you messing with the code. Phooey. Would clearing the History and website data accomplish a similar thing? I avoid doing that since I like to know where I have been (when I return to a website), but in the case of repeated failures like the last few days on it might have gotten me in sooner.

I and having problems using the PowerPlay site today as well as last night. I’ve been getting a lot of messages that my PS5 was offline but the unit is fine. Site is unusable.

My mailbox has been flooded with emails from my P10 the last week stating power loss and recovery, but global statistics does not confirm this. Probably caused by the DNS change? I can connect to the PSA global server and have not observed an outtage while in my room.

Pretty sure it’s fixed. Here’s a thread where it’s been discussed. PSA Tech Support commented as well.

See, here.

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