New HDMI Fiber Optic cables

Has anyone had experience with these new generation of cables? 10ft for $200. Some claim 4K/8K runs over 100ft work great. The galvanic isolation must be amazing.

I’m thinking of purchasing one of these to isolate my TV’s HDMI from my Oppo BD’s HDMI. I also have the Oppo BD connected directly to the DSD I2S port, but I doubt this cable will work for I2S given the different pinouts. Power is already routed to a different Furman digital filtering power strip on a different outlet.

I am quite curious if PS Audio thinks there’s any value in developing/adapting one of these fiber optic HDMI cables for I2S… Is the new PSA DAC using similar tech?

Very interesting. I had not seen these. Considering cancelling my revelation audio HDMI cable order and using the money to play with some of these.

i use them for any video HDMI IC’s throughout my home…VERY pleased…

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Can you give everyone a link to these HDMI fiber optic cables please?

Your post spurred me to search and found a lightening deal on Amazon for these…

50ft shipped one day $31. Shorter was more money. How could I not try it? We’ll see if it will pass I2S but I don’t know why it won’t. The cable meets the spec or it doesn’t, it has no idea what is modulated on it’s conductors.


As far as I know the PS Audio i2s spec is not using the HDMI spec at all, just using the same connectors and cables.
I’d be surprised (and interested to hear) if it does work, but I doubt it.

I would question the RF noise introduction from the optical to electrical conversion in the plug.

Right, but since the IS2 spec uses a standard copper HDMI cable and this optic HDMI cable meets all the same specs for data transmission…ergo me thinks it will work fine.

The question then becomes do I can any benefit from the galvanic isolation from my Pink Faun streamer which is galvanically isolated from everything else on the network through it’s own dedicated Ethernet transceiver.

Yes, I have little of merit to do and since the risk is zero with Amazon…

I’ve been running the HDMI cable made by the Pink Faun that they included. It’s a beast of a 3 bundle twisted affair wired up in house. It does sound better than the generic HDMI cable but not earthshatteringly different.

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I’ll listen and find out if makes an audible difference. Question is, is there enough ground plane RF to perturb the DS or not, or is the chip doing the transceiving noisier.

The weight or lack thereof will reduce the influence on the isolation of each component as well.

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I look forward to your results:)

I tried one last year, would not work from DMP to DSDSr. Works great from computer to monitor. Any ideas?

poorly reviewed on Amazon…maybe falls under the category of “too good to be true”?..maybe the less expensive competition has caught up(?)…

I’ve had mine for at least 7 yrs with no issues…
i bought mine just after release into the USA marketplace…

Very well could be too good to be true but the lack of risk…

It arrives tomorrow and if it doesn’t work it will sit on the porch and leave the day after and the funds will be back in my account within hours.


i only mention it because, if not what expected, then it would be too easy to dismiss All fiber optic HDMI altogether…

i hope you picked well…i would hate to spend what i paid again (~$250), (if they fail in some “act of god” scenario)…

They do have a footnote that reads: * This Optical HDMI Cable is not compatible with A/V

Which I find to be an incredulous claim!

yeah, that doesn’t make sense to me…what other applications are there?


To memorialize the experience, I’m going from a Pink Faun I2S board to DS. Interestingly, this board does not pass the bit perfect test but sounds much nicer than any USB connection I’ve tried.

I also tried an optical HDMI with the DSD and it did not work. Ted Smith said IIRC that there needed to be an electrical connection via the HDMI the optical does not have.

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Ah, to sense the input is active probably. Oh well, nothing lost.

Edit: I was able to cancel before shipping…

Like you all above… I tried an optical HDMI from DMP
to DACSR but no dice. It was an 8k cable. Made an improvement on an LG OLED tv however, worth the $60.

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