New Memeber/Owner Nitpicking?


Hello folks. I’m a new member/owner of a NuWave Phono Converter. Got a quick question and hoping for some input.

So, functionally, my new NPC works flawlessly. Pretty awesome stuff. Cosmetically, however, I have a bit of an issue with it and I’m hoping you all can tell me if I’m nitpicking or if it’s something I should have addressed.

The back lit logo on the faceplate appears to have some black funk floating around between the clear plastic front and the backlight. So instead of having a nice looking lit logo it’s a logo with some black blotches in it. I totally get that it has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the operation of the unit. It’s just that I expected (for the price) a pretty flawless unit.

Wondering what you all would do about it. Should I just get over it and enjoy it the NPC or should I address it with my dealer? Am I nitpicking?

Thanks in advance for your input!



If it really bothers you I’d say bring it back for another one. Or contact PS Audio and see if they would prefer to do it themselves.


My response would be return/exchange it given if it didn’t ‘really bother you’ you wouldn’t have brought it up. I don’t personally believe a reasonable expectation of aesthetic perfection to be inappropriate or out of line when buying new. Even AudioGon guidelines would disqualify it from being rated a ‘10’ even if it were brand new right-outta-the-box.


Welcome, scoraber!

I agree with my colleagues. High end audio is an aesthetic diversion. If a flaw in the equipment hampers your enjoyment it is a legitimate issue.


First, let me apologize for this sloppy problem. It shouldn’t be this way.

Two solutions: open the top cover (the black shiny top is held on with magnets only) and the logo light is easily removed with two screws, cleaned and put back right. Or, we’d be happy to exchange it for you.


Thanks for all the great replies, folks. Greatly appreciated.


1st, thanks for the tip.  I'm pretty handy so I'll give your suggestion to clean it myself a try.  2nd, no apologies necessary.  I understand that things happen during the manufacturing process.  No big deal.

Thanks again everyone!


Thanks for the understanding and don’t be a stranger!


And let us know how things work out, especially if you are able to fix it yourself. Good to know for future reference.


Indeed. Will do. Will dig into it after work today.

Thanks again,



Fixed! I had to remove the faceplate that wraps around the front and sides since the logo “button” was not accessible by opening up the top. Eight screws and a soft cloth later, black funk is gone.

Thanks to all for the responses and tips.




Well done!


Thanks man. It was a piece of cake.

Got a chance to do some more serious listening last night and this morning. I realize that the NPC is in an entirely different class than my previous phono preamps (ProJect Phono Box II, Tube Box SE, BottleHead Reduction w/Integration upgrade, Parasound zPhono USB) but this thing is truly amazing sounding in my modest system. (Love the gain flexibility too…) Definitely a keeper. Currently I’m only using the analog phono preamp functionality but the A/D features are going to come in handy pretty quickly when a re-start my LP ripping project.




Great news all around. Well done indeed.